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Resident Evil has come a long way since it scared the crap out of everyone when it debuted in 1996. It was groundbreaking for the survival horror genre, and Hollywood capitalized on its success. With the sixth, and supposedly, final entry in the series, appropriately titled , the franchise hopes to finish its story with a bang.

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There's No Going Forward After This

Whether The Final Chapter will find good footing at the box office, there is one thing that is certain: The Resident Evil franchise is done.

There are six of these movies. If there's a seventh in the same continuity, a little thing called franchise fatigue could hurt the series from ever seeing the big screen again. Now, the big question is whether it should get a proper reboot or be laid to rest.

Ali Larter, Milla Jovovich, and Ruby Rose [Credit: Sony]
Ali Larter, Milla Jovovich, and Ruby Rose [Credit: Sony]

The Movies Should Look To The New Game For Inspiration

Adapting video games into movies has been a tough challenge for Hollywood. Assassin’s Creed looked like it was going to set new standards for video game movies, but unfortunately, it suffered the same fate as every other video game movie failure.

With on the horizon and ready to reset the series back to its survival horror roots, a film reboot would be perfect right now. In the past few years, the Resident Evil games and film series both lost some of their quality, but the games are being more proactive about fixing those problems and focusing on the basics, whereas The Final Chapter appears to be more of the same.

Resident Evil 7. Scary. As. Hell! [Credit: Capcom]
Resident Evil 7. Scary. As. Hell! [Credit: Capcom]

Resident Evil started out as a pure survival horror with great storytelling, but Resident Evil 6 felt like an experiment, toying with action and completely getting rid of what made the games so popular. Resident Evil 7 hopes to regain the loyal fans who lost interest. The demo itself was claustrophobic, disturbingly quiet, and the characters are damn scary. That's the vibe that the movies need to recapture as well.

How To Get Back To Basics

The Resident Evil film series had potential. The first movie had a killer first act, but when the zombies showed up, it turned into an action romp. The sequels were all interchangeable, mixing some of the game’s lore with generic action. Important elements from the games, such as main characters and memorable creatures, were sidelined in favor of unnecessary characters like Alice.

Alice in the first Resident Evil [Credit: Sony]
Alice in the first Resident Evil [Credit: Sony]

A proper reboot would have our beloved characters like Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon, and Jill Valentine in the forefront. A smaller budget would force the movies to adhere to the games' aesthetics, making the entire production more like and less like .

Leon S. Kennedy, a fan favorite. [Credit: Capcom]
Leon S. Kennedy, a fan favorite. [Credit: Capcom]

The Walking Dead is a solid story with zombies, and Resident Evil has that potential for the big screen. Now we just need a great screenwriter on board to write a proper adaptation. Rebooting Resident Evil with the original aesthetics and a great director could reignite the zombie genre in a fantastic way, keeping those brain-eating jerks at the height of popularity.


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