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The beauty of a franchise is that you can love different things about each film. While most would say one specific Star Wars installment is the absolute best (looking at you, Episode V), there isn't one solid answer and we can still have our personal favorites.

To celebrate here on Movie Pilot, I figured I would talk about my personal favorite Star Wars film — Episode VI: Return of the Jedi — and why it is leaps and bounds the best for me.

With its sea of muppets, awkward dialogue and a somewhat happy ending, you might be wondering why Jedi reigns supreme for me. Well, let me give you some key points.

1. The Innocent, Fun Humor

Whether it's cheesy jokes or downright funny-looking creatures, there is a very prominent humor aspect that is not present in any other Star Wars film. In addition to Jabba the Hutt's entertainment (Max Rebo ftw!), the Ewoks seeing C-3PO as a godlike figure is definitely enough to get a lighthearted chuckle out of anyone.

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2. The High Stakes

While some may think the intensity of The Empire Strikes Back couldn't be topped, Return of the Jedi actually had a lot on the line. In addition to Princess Leia being completely badass and going undercover to rescue Han Solo, Luke's personal conflict is thrown into heightened turmoil when Yoda dies. We also see the Rebels making a final push to defeat the Empire while Luke infiltrates the second Death Star to directly confront his father and the Emperor.

Add in conflicts with iconic Star Wars characters such as Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett and the Sarlacc, and you have a movie that is just full of some of the most iconic characters and battles in the Star Wars universe.

3. Luke Matures Into A Jedi

One solid complaint by many fans was with Luke Skywalker's wishy-washy attitude throughout the original trilogy. The boy from Tattooine always came across as nothing but an arrogant complainer (like his father) who ignores the advice of others to further his own personal gain.

However, Return of the Jedi gives us a more mature Luke who has continued on with his training and become a . Luke's personal gain wasn't a prime motivation for him, as he attempted to save from the grasp of the Dark Side — even if that meant sacrificing himself in the process, much like in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith when Obi-Wan battles Anakin Skywalker not just for the greater good of the galaxy, but to try and rescue Anakin from himself.

4. There Is Resolution

Along with the defeat of the Emperor and Darth Vader, there is great resolution with the destruction of the second Death Star, the love story between Princess Leia and Han Solo coming to fruition, and the release of Anakin Skywalker's soul as it becomes one with the Force alongside and Obi-Wan. If you go far enough to watch the remastered extended cuts released by George Lucas, you even see how the entire galaxy (including the prequel planets) celebrated the victory of the Rebellion over the Empire.

Although the Rebellion's hard work seems to have gone by the wayside with the reveal of , there's no denying the way Return of the Jedi wrapped up the saga up to that point.

What is your favorite Star Wars film? Leave a comment and let me know!


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