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Brian Salisbury

It's rare that a movie's official trailer would be released before the first poster, but that is exactly the case with 's RoboCop remake. The poster, revealed below, actually artfully illustrates my two issues with what we've so far seen of the film. First, that suit looks like a character from Tron: Legacy had a baby with K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. It's baffling when you notice 's Robocop is wearing a suit very similar to the original during the trailer so they actually switch to this one.

Also, the shift down to PG-13 really bugs me. I know they're trying to reach a wider audience, but the original film was such a satire of the culture of violence and a send-up of the action genre itself that watering it down for the kids feels especially ill-advised. It actually makes the change in tagline here, from "your move, creep" to the more concise, "your move" seem like a comic illustration of this neutering. As if they're even afraid to say "creep" or something! Think of the children!!!

I'm done ranting, take a look at the poster below and give us your two cents.

Source: GeekTyrant


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