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For what seems like a long time, this movie news galaxy has been dominated by updates and rumors revolving around ' upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. In short, "Episode VII" have been the most buzz-worthy of words. However, fans will remember that initial 1977 release of ' masterpiece only bore the name Star Wars__. There was no episode designation whatsoever. Therefore, it was pretty clear that there was going to be more to the tile than just Roman numerals.

Latino Review has the scoop on two working titles George Lucas placed on his treatments for the new films; the treatments he was only recently revealed to have been working on via a Flicks & The City interview with his son Jett.

Are you ready for the options?

Are you?!

Here they are...

Return of the Sith


Rise of the Jedi

Now of course it should be stressed that once the script is in Disney's hands, they may opt not to use either title. But of these two, Rise of the Jedi is by far my favorite. We just had a movie with the word "Sith" in the title, I'm over this Sith. Whereas, the one arguable saving grace of Episode III was the gut-wrenching extermination of the Jedi near the end of the movie, so the idea of their resurgent rise gets me so amped for Abrams' new film.

What do you guys think?


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