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Mark Newton

This job does come with certain perils. One of them is having to read spoilers for practically every series under the sun. Next up is ABC's Revenge. Below we've got some pretty big spoilers for the upcoming season, so if you want to remain completely pure, close your eyes and run away.

Firstly, not too much of a spoiler, but certainly something which will impact upon the show. Series creator and showrunner is gone and is due to replaced by Sunail Nayar. Kelley has been leading production for two years, but now Nayar, who has previously worked on the show, will take the helm. Perhaps we can expect some new ideas and direction from this guy?

Next up. Conrad Grayson is expected to be moved into the center of Revenge as he gets comfortable in his new position of Governor. The big question is whether Victoria will be joining him by his side? It seems pretty plausible, especially considering she doesn't have very many other options.

Now, although Declan Porter might have gone, there are still plenty of issues about the future of Aiden. It's currently unclear whether he will be returning as a series regular. After threatening Daniel i'ts possible his story has came to an end. In any case, the majority of the remaining cast is expecting to return.

What else do you think will go down in season 3? Let me know below.


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