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Following a car accident in Romania, a man is transfused with some contaminated blood than will slowly turn him into a bloodthirsty beast.


I saw Chimeres at its premiere, at the NIFFF festival in Neuchatel. Since it is a Swiss film in a Swiss festival, no need to say that the level of excitement was high, as were hopes and expectations. 82 minutes later...the spectators were won!

Chimeres is a great tale about romance, trust and vampirism. It is a really dark and beautiful film. With its inventive shots, and some superb work on the texture and colours, Chimeres should surprise classic horror viewers by its arty look. Definitely not the usual brainless slaughters.

As for the story, it brings nothing new and the parallel with other romance/vampire films such as Thirst or to a lesser extent, Let The Right One In, is inevitable. Where the film stands the comparison in terms of artistic beauty, it falls short when comparing the stories. Indeed, Chimères’ plot fits in a couple of lines, and tend to be predictable.

But let’s remind ourselves that this is a low-budget indie film and that being compared to these two cult horror films is already a remarkable sign of quality. The acting is probably what gives the film most of its strength. The two main actors deliver a surprisingly great performance for such a low-budget film. There is a good complicity between them which makes their relationship throughout the film really convincing.

The end is really intense, a breath-taking and heart-breaking moment of romance and wrath that finishes the film on a wonderful note. Only the fight scenes left me wondering by bringing an interesting yet awkward contrast with the arty, and rather slow first half of the movie. Overall, this first film from Swiss director Olivier Beguin is a hidden gem. Amongst the best indie horror recently released, it really deserves to be known worldwide. Go see it if you have a chance! 4 / 5


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