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IN short, a young girl and her family are stuck in time, living the same day over again and again. The girl soon discovers the reason behind her terrible fate.

Horror-on-Screen Review (by Raoul):

Haunter is a ghost story with a twist. The film is based on the interesting concept of a family who lives the same day all over again. This idea is cleverly used in the first part of the movie and efficiently captivates the audience within the first few minutes. The problem is that it quickly gets very repetitive (ironically). The film has a complex and interesting plot, but is too long to remain truly interesting. Despite a great try for being different from all the other ghost film, Haunter fails at his most important task: being scary.

There are a few jumpy scenes, but nothing that should get you hiding under your seat. The horror scenes also have this unpleasant feeling of rehash, with the film re-using the basic cliché scenes over and over from the ghost sub-genres. In the end, Haunter is another ghost story...not a bad one, but similar to so many others. The presence of (Zombieland, Little Miss Sunshine) is interesting, but I found the mum and the dad (, who played in Saw VI and Silent Hill Revelations (3D) to be the true great actors in that film.

Considering that the director, , is the one responsible for the two awesome horror/sci-fi flicks- Cube and Splice, I think this one is a little bit disappointing. Those who always enjoy a good ghost story should check this one out nevertheless.


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