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Starring , , and , Fast & Furious 6 wheel spins its way to US theaters next week. The first reviews for the high-octane road movie are in and the early verdict is overwhelmingly positive, with some critics lauding it as the best movie in Universal's action franchise to date.

The Hollywood Reporter says, "No matter how silly and outlandish the action gets — and it does become ridiculous — it also delivers the goods its audience expects" and will "only add mightily to the good fortunes of Universal's biggest franchise," which has so far grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide.

Variety praises the movie for being a "superior piece of classical action craftsmanship", while also admitting that director and veteran Fast screenwriter have "labored to add depth, dimensionality and inner conflict to the now-sprawling cast of recurring characters — so much so that, at times, Furious 6 plays like a glossy gearhead melodrama."

Digital Spy were equally impressed, admitting that the movie is a "winning combination of audacious set pieces, outrageous stunts, brawny banter and plot twists" which "blows its predecessors out of the water on every count."

Total Film were slightly less enthusiastic, claiming "the soapier elements of Morgan’s script drag it down" and that "Rodriguez’s return, explained away with a rather groan-worthy reason, isn’t quite as emotional or impactful as it should be." Overall though, the critic is won over, admitting "Fast 6 delivers where it matters: exhilarating, non-stop, jump-out-your-seat action."

I'll leave the final word on Fast and Furious 6 to Empire, who eloquently explain that "no film that includes a Vin Diesel flying headbutt could remotely be called a write-off." You can't really argue with that.

Fast and Furious 6 opens in the US May 24th.



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