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With Christmas only a stone's throw away, Hollywood studios are cleverly re-releasing some of their classic films on Blu-ray. One of them is Warner Brothers, who is poised to release a new disc set of All the Presendent's Men next week in high definition. As part of the promotion, they've handed out a six-clip sample of this staple of investigative journalism-themed movies and top-notch political films in general.

As all of you who've sat through this widely-considered-as-a-masterpiece political thriller know, the -directed film follows two ambitious Washington Post journalists, Carl Bernstein () and Bob Woodward (), as they delve into bombshell revelations provided to them by an anonymous informant styling himself as Deep Throat. The ensuing discoveries lead to the unraveling of the Watergate scandal, with deep political implications for everyone involved (I'm referring of course, to Richard Nixon's eventual resignation as POTUS in 1974).

Critically, the film was almost universally acclaimed. It got nominated to eight Academy Awards, in the end winning four of them, and became a reference for Journalism and Political Science college professors all over the world as a comfortable (and didactic) way of avoiding having to actually teach something themselves for a couple of hours. This new Blu-ray edition includes a 'making-of' documentary narrated by Rob Redford himself, All the President's Men Revisited; plus a vintage interview, a trailer and the expected running audio commentary.

Have a look at these six classic scenes from the movie below:







All the President's Men comes out in a new Blu-ray edition this November 12th.

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