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The second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has landed, and it's stuffed full of plot hints and stunning revelations. As Rey continues her training with Luke Skywalker, the jaded Jedi expresses concern at the strength of her power — which seems to be similar to the abilities Ben Solo demonstrated before he became Kylo Ren. Weaving a rich mystery for us to explore, the trailer bounces from Kylo to Rey and back again, finally ending with a tease that Rey may join the dark side. But the quickest shot is the most tantalizing of all, as it establishes an epic battle that many fans are eager to see.

Rey Goes Up Against Snoke

Towards the end of the trailer, we hear Snoke's voiceover once again. He's telling someone to fulfill their destiny, and it would be easy to assume that he's speaking to Kylo Ren — but then we have this shot of Rey, back arched grotesquely, apparently in extreme pain. And the person in front of her is Supreme Leader Snoke.

Rey faces Snoke. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Rey faces Snoke. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Right before this shot, we see our first close-up of Snoke's disgusting, non-holographic face, as he reaches out in front of him, presumably using the Force. The next shot is of Rey in pain, and although trailer-makers often use transitions like this to tease something that won't actually happen, or just plant a thematic link in viewers' minds, we know this isn't the case here. There seems to be a figure in front of Rey in this show, clad in gold robes — and we know Snoke will don such robes in .

With this little mystery solved, yet more mysteries open up. Why is Rey facing off against Snoke? Did she journey there with Luke, or has she abandoned her training? There are many different ways this moment could have come about. With the dark side tease at the end of the trailer, as Rey asks for help from Kylo Ren, Lucasfilm seem to be suggesting that Rey joins Kylo, and he takes her to Snoke — whereupon Snoke tests or tortures Rey, resulting in the shot above.

However, it's not nearly that simple. If Rey does join Kylo, it could be that this is a ploy for her to get close to Snoke so that she can try to take the Supreme Leader down. But I'm not so convinced that Rey and Kylo Ren are really talking to each other in the scene at the end of the trailer.

Rey seemingly talks to Kylo Ren. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Rey seemingly talks to Kylo Ren. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Rey's voice echoes, implying she is in some kind of cave (probably on Ahch-To), whereas Kylo Ren seems to be outside, with burning embers falling all around him. Rey also seems to be seated, while Kylo is standing and looking in front of him, rather than down. The light source for each of these shots is also slightly different, as is the coloring. And finally, Rey's expression is calm and poised — and I find it unlikely that she would sound this way if she were speaking to the man who kidnapped her, tortured her, and killed her mentor.

How Did Rey Get To Snoke?

So, Kylo Ren didn't take her there, then how did Rey get to Snoke? It's difficult to say, as this trailer concealed much more than it revealed. But there is a shot of the Millennium Falcon flying through what seems to be the caves of Crait. We see Chewie on the left in the cockpit (accompanied by a Porg) so he cannot be piloting — perhaps Rey abandons her training to save her friends from the First Order's attack.

From there, it could be that Rey decides to take on Snoke alone. When she faces Snoke, Rey is wearing a different outfit from the one she wore on Ahch-To — but it is the same outfit as this one we saw in the sizzle reel.

Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have fun on set. [Credit: Lucasfilm]
Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have fun on set. [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Here, Daisy Ridley is mucking about with John Boyega, and the set seems to be the one used for external Crait shots, as the planet is covered in white salt. Granted, this could be a different location (perhaps the Resistance flees to a snowy planet?) but it would seem that Rey shares some scenes with Finn before she heads off to confront Snoke, as she's wearing the same costume in both locations.

Of course, there is another possibility. Although the trailer suggests that Luke cuts Rey's training short — telling her that things won't go the way she thinks — it could be that he actually decides to leave Ahch-To and join the Resistance's fight against the First Order. They may plan to take on Snoke together.

However, this doesn't really gel with the snippet we saw of Rey's battle with Snoke. She's in dire straights and she seems to be alone. It's also hard to imagine that Luke would suggest that Rey confront such a powerful dark sider so early on in her training. Perhaps Luke himself rushed in to confront Snoke, and Rey is trying to save him?

But most compelling of all, there's that quote from Snoke, as he urges someone to fulfill their destiny. It would seem that he's actually talking to Rey — so what destiny does she have that Snoke is so interested in? The Supreme Leader clearly sought out Kylo Ren to recruit for the dark side, but perhaps he wants Rey to fight for him as well. As established by both Snoke's comment on Kylo's "raw power", and Luke making a similar remark about Rey's abilities, there seems to be a connection between Kylo and Rey, and it could be that Snoke wants to exploit this for his own gain.

Ah, so many possibilities, and so little information to lead us to a logical conclusion. We can only imagine how the fight between Rey and Snoke progresses from this point, with Rey clearly outmatched and in peril. But with all the mystery surrounding this moment, one thing's for certain — this will clearly be one of the most thrilling scenes of the entire saga, and I for one hope that Rey kicks Snoke's wrinkly butt.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Rey will join the dark side?


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