ByTino Jochimsen, writer at
The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

Right now in some circles (read: the Moviepilot office) expectations for Pacific Rim are at such a high, ’s big budget sci-fi blockbuster is bound to disappoint.

What we’re hoping for here is basically a movie that out-Bays while still telling something of an interesting story with great characters instead of cardboard cutouts that look remarkably similar to and some Victoria's Secret model, both of whom surprise us with their ability to speak.

Perhaps we won’t be disappointed. , the director of the critically well-received sci-fi time travel thriller Looper, took to Twitter to express his jubilant approval of what had achieved.

Depressingly, we mortals have to wait till July to find out if Johnson is exaggerating or rightfully peeing his pants. But to ease the waiting, here are some stills depicting the robot onslaught or what we like to call since the trailer the cancelled apocalypse.

Consider us ready to be transmogrified!





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