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Before The Force Awakens was released, we had a sudden gear-change from extreme secrecy lockdown to an onslaught of spoilers and plot points, courtesy of the teasers and TV spots. Yet the main trailers remained relatively spoiler-free, with all the information jumbled up and only discernible if you really dove deep into trailer analysis. And that's how it should be — but The Last Jedi may be looking to change all this.

The second (and presumably final) trailer for will drop this evening. But as hyped as you are to see more of Rey's training, to catch a glimpse of Finn's secret mission, or to finally hear Luke Skywalker speak again, if you're afraid of spoilers you might want to give this one a miss, according to Rian Johnson.

Previously, Johnson has warned fans to try and avoid the marketing for The Last Jedi. When one fan asked Johnson about the second trailer on Twitter, the director said fans should "absolutely avoid" the trailer if they don't want spoilers — but he also said he was "torn" about this advice, because the new trailer is so good.

It's really unfortunate that the trailer trend has turned toward laying all cards on the table and spoiling big revelations. Studios maintain that the stats support this method, saying that the trailers with the biggest spoilers boost ticket sales. Usually, we could just choose to not watch trailers, but with the franchise juggernaut that is , I suggest you either don the Sensory Deprivator 5000...

Barney dons some spoiler-repellant headgear. [Credit: Fox]
Barney dons some spoiler-repellant headgear. [Credit: Fox]

...or move to a remote island surrounded by ocean, on a planet on the edge of charted space, with only your porgs and your existential ennui for company. Hey if it worked for Luke, it might work for you.

Tell us in the comments: Do you think Lucasfilm should reveal The Last Jedi spoilers in the final trailer?


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