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Richard Ayoade has put his incredibly unique imagination to work on adapting the monument of Russian literature: The Double by Fyodor Dostoevsky; which now has an incredible new teaser trailer.

By watching the brief but brilliant snippets just shy of a minute, you will be able to appreciate the captivating score by and some pretty angsty moments from lead actor .

Indiewire have provided a summary of the film's plot here as follows:

The nebbish Simon James, whose dull, ordinary and routine life is turned totally upside down when a doppelganger comes gunning for his job, his girl (played by ) and his personality. Surreal and hilarious all at once, the film is a Kafka-esque nightmare that we called out of TIFF.


What do you think of the dark and brooding teaser? Do you have high hopes for 's new creation?

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Source: Indiewire



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