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It’s not that is in need of career resurgence.

The actor is working continuously and some deem his performance in the indie thriller Arbitrage his best ever. Not having seen it, it’s not for me to judge. But I gladly take their word since I love an An Officer and a Gentleman to pieces. I really do. Truly and madly. Aaaaanyway…

Unbeknownst to most Gere recently nabbed a role which could be the role of his lifetime (again!).

In Franny he’ll play a gregarious philanthropist who meddles in the relationship life of a young couple (played by and ).

Sure, the movie sounds like the sort of bittersweet comedy that might win you an Indie Sprit nomination at best. But I somehow find the character description of "gregarious philanthropist" too perfect a fit for Gere to ignore (if you exchange gregarious with Buddhist).

Now, according to The Wrap, Gere fished another intriguing indie out of the fiery pond situated somewhere in development hell.

In Old Fires he’s going to play a world-renowned physician who awakes from coma and, with the help of a snarky physical therapist, tries to reconnect with his family.

I presume you’re thinking something along the lines of “that does sound quite sappy. Think Regarding Henry with more white hair. And they might cast as the therapist or... even worse!" True.

But it also sounds like, if done right, a classy Oscar-nominated tearjerker. A rare breed indeed. And we love those don't we (don't answer that!)?

The screenplay comes courtesy of Heather McGowan who penned the The Graduate-ish coming-of-age comedy Tadpole. It shouldn’t be too sappy is all I am saying!

Gere is also in talks to co-star in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel... which is less exiting.


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