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Usually when sequels to beloved films are announced, they're done so against the groans of protective fans who do not want to see the original ruined by an unnecessary addition. Well, that's the case for everyone except . He's proved he can very comfortably handle sequels to his own masterpieces, especially since Before Midnight is getting so many positive reviews.

Now, according /Film, Linklater has another sequel in the works. He has announced plans to start shooting a "spiritual sequel" to his 1993 movie Dazed and Confused this fall.

Linklater provided the announcement on a recent AMA session on Reddit. Several years ago there were whispers a sequel named That's What I'm Talking About was being planned, however in this more recent unveiling Linklater did not mention the project by name. He stated:

Hoping to make it this fall, actually. A college comedy. I feel like mixing it up with a big ensemble.

Linklater also went on to provide some tantalizing information about another of his exciting (and revolutionary) projects. Currently titled Growing Up, it is a tale of childhood and adolescence that has been in production for 12 years. Linklater first teamed up child actor in 2002, since then he shot a little each year until he had footage which encompassed an entire decade. Although it sounds extremely ambitious, Linklater explained to Collider:

[It's] pretty close [to my original plan]. Believe it or not, every project is basically as designed. When people ask anything like what you said, of course. To me, film is all about structure and planning, and trying to get it exactly the way you're thinking of it. The process was what it was about, so I'm not really surprised that it's pretty much an exploration of what I thought it would be.

Back on the AMA, he went on to explain it would be released in "2014 hopefully".

What do you think? How do these projects sound to you? Let me know below.


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