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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Let's face it, we all dream of getting filthy. Filthy, stinking rich. But when you discover yourself freezing under a bundle of blankets and eating beans straight out of the can because you can't afford heating or food this month, money can seem like an illusive lie.

Instead, in these moments of crisis, few things remedy a particularly broke month better than living vicariously through the lives of the sickeningly wealthy. Consequently, we've compiled a list of all richest movie characters and their best, most luxurious movie scenes. So, go grab an umbrella darling, because these movie millionaires are about to make it rain.

10. Lara Croft From 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider' (2001)

Transformed from her digital video game origins into real life by way of some inspired casting, Angelina Jolie epitomizes everything that gamers loved about Lara Croft and then some in the 2001 movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Having inherited a $40 million fortune when she was just 16-years-old following her father's death, Lara uses her colossal wealth to spend her time raiding tombs to discover invaluable artifacts the world over — well why not eh?

  • Estimated Wealth: $40 Million
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: To get a good grasp on Lara's fortune, the scene in which she defends her manor from some (rather unsavvy) intruders, true to the game, shows room upon room of exquisite luxury.
  • Best Movie Quote: "I woke up this morning and I just hated everything."

9. Richie Rich Jr. From 'Richie Rich' (1994)

The world's most wealthy kid, Richie Rich Jr. the son of billionaire Richard Rich Sr., makes up for what he lacks by way of companions and social skills with his fat wads of inherited cash. Befriending the local "sandlot" kids, Richie soon begins to learn however, that money isn't everything. Although it does allow you to do some pretty cool things.

  • Estimated Wealth: $70 Billion
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: When Richie brings the local ruffians into his mansion, and treats them to a surprise in-house McDonalds.
  • Best Movie Quote: "You have a McDonald's in your house!?"

Adapted from the memoir of the real life Jordan Belfort, the affluent and corrupt New York City stockbroker, Wolf of Wall Street is a wonderful parable about the soaring highs and the crushing lows of chasing those green dollar bills.

  • Estimated Wealth: $100 Million
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: Jordan racking up lines of coke on his desk, and telling us that the best drug on earth Oh, and the parties, don't forget the parties.
  • Best Movie Quote: "See money doesn’t just buy you a better life, better food, better cars, better pussy, it also makes you a better person. You can give generously to the church or the political party of you choice. You can save the fu*king spotted owl with money."

7. Nicki Moore From The Bling Ring (2013)

Based on the real life case of the "Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch" in which a group of eight youths targeted and burgled the homes of celebrities and ultimately cashed out a cool $3 million, Emma Watson plays Nicki Moore one of the ring leaders of the group. However ultimately karma, and the police, catch up with them and Nicki finds herself doing some hard time next to Lindsay Lohan in jail.

  • Estimated Movie Wealth: $3 million
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: When the 'ring' go wild at those glittering L.A. based parties with their stolen celebrity riches.
  • Best Movie Quote: "Let's go to Paris'. I want to rob!"

6. Dr. Bill Harford From Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

When you're married to Nicole Kidman, it seems only logical that you'll go wandering off looking for other sexual alternatives. Oh...wait. Well, that's what Dr. Bill Harford in Kubrik's final film, Eyes Wide Shut does, his considerable wealth inadvertently buying himself access to an extravagant occult sex party, which teeters dangerously above a sinister murder mystery.

  • Estimated Wealth: $15 Million
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: When Dr. Harford enters the opulent sex mansion for the first time. Although his face is hidden behind a mask, we know his eyes are wide with awe and erotic excitement.
  • Best Movie Quote: "I have seen one or two things in my life but never, never anything like this."

5. Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians (1996)

The inspiration for legions of fashion designers the world over Cruella De Vil, the founder and owner of the House of De Vil worth well over $500 million, is at the forefront of British fashion, and has absolutely no qualms with using real fur in her designs. Consequently when news spreads that 101 dalmatian puppies with exquisitely soft, spotted fur have just been born — Cruella is all up in that like a student in a flash sale.

  • Estimated Wealth: $500 Million
  • Best Movies Scene Of Wealth: When Cruella welcomes naive Anita into her luxurious, intimidating penthouse office, with her eyes on the prize of getting her finely manicured hands all over that divine pup fur.
  • Best Movie Quote: "We lose more women to marriage than war, famine, and disease."

4. Dickie Greenleaf From The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

Never has a psychological thriller been accompanied by so many delightfully pressed designer shirts, pristine yachts and pearly white teeth. Based on Patricia Highsmith's 1955 novel of the same name, the movie follows Tom Ripley, a poor but rather talented young man who ends up, after a case of mistaken identity, rolling with Dickie Greenleaf — a certifiable member of the upper crust. Chaos, lies and many tense trips out on the yacht ensue.

  • Estimated Wealth: $20 Million
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: Pretty much every scene out on the yacht.
  • Best Movie Quote: "I always thought it would be better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody."

3. Nicholas Van Orton From The Game (1997)

One of David Fincher's earlier movies, The Game, is centered around preposterously rich but, shocker, incredibly lonely investment banker Nicholas Van Orton. After he is given a mysterious gift by his wayward brother on his birthday which allows him to participate in a strange all-encompassing 'game,' the boundaries between what is real and what is part of the imaginary game become increasingly blurred.

  • Estimated Wealth: $50 Million
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: The dramatic ending, where the limits of the game, and the limits of wealth appear, at least for a moment, to be unreachable.
  • Best Movie Quote: "I don't care about the money. I'm pulling back the curtain. I want to meet the wizard."

2. Marie Antoinette From Marie Antoinette (2006)

In those decadent years leading up to the French Revolution, which didn't play out too well for her, Marie Antoinette was the epitome of extravagant wealth. Due to her first husbands continued refusal to sleep with her, Marie spends most of her time purchasing lavish clothes, and gambling, naturally.

  • Estimated Wealth: $100 Million
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: The "I want candy" scene in which Marie is lavished with an adornment of impressive garments, confectionary, drinks and of course, shoes.
  • Best Movie Quote: "I have enough diamonds."

1. John Hammond From Jurassic Park (1993)

Perhaps one of the most elaborate uses of wealth brought to our screens so far, bumbling entrepreneur John Hammond's choice to use a large chunk of his $5 billion fortune amassed from his InGen biotechnology to resurrect dinosaurs and create a theme park, resulted in one of the most iconic movies of the '90s. Whether his personal fortune could withstand the multiple lawsuits that no doubt followed, remains to be seen.

  • Estimated Wealth: $5 Billion
  • Best Movie Scene Of Wealth: When John casually shows Grant and Ellie his herd of grazing Brachiosaurus' for the first time.
  • Best Movie Quote: "God help us, we're in the hands of engineers."


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