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If you've ever watched Rick and Morty in one of their absolutely bonkers adventures and then gone on to say to yourself, "I'd love to do that!" well, my friend, your dream can now come true. I'd hold off on imagining yourself getting a jetpack or being inside Rick's UFO to fly into the cosmos, though—we're probably still a few decades away from that. But don't worry, we have the next best thing.

Enterprise has partnered with Cryptozoic Entertainment to bring us , a board game based on one of the duo's most disgusting adventures: 'Anatomy Park.' In the Season 1 episode, the grandson-granddad duo, alongside other companions, venture into a microscopic theme park built inside a homeless man. It was hilarious and horrifying. It was...hilarifying.

What's The Game All About?

[Credit: Adult Swim]
[Credit: Adult Swim]

The end goal of the game is to successfully build a theme park inside the human body, and the approach to its rules is pretty original and a great representation of the craziness that is 's trademark. To build the different attractions, players will have to work their way through bodily reactions and diseases, and they have a real-life effect. If someone pulls a "Bodily Reaction" card, for example, the holder will have to act out its actions.

Who will fans be able to embody (uh...literally) on this insane journey? Players will be able to choose between Rick, Morty, Annie, the treacherous Poncho, Roger and the iTunes gift card-giver himself, Dr. Xenon Bloom. Unfortunately, none of Morty's family members will be able to join in on the fun, which is understandable since they didn't go into the theme park in the episode. Although... now that I think about it, Rick wasn't inside the body, either—he just threw it into space and blew it up (I know, that's the show)... But you know what? I won't try to make sense of the series' logic.

The game will be packed with content to make your experience inside the homeless Santa Claus as realistic and gruesome as possible. Here are all the goodies that will make that happen:

  • 46 park tiles
  • Nine focus group tiles
  • 14 bodily reactions cards
  • Three dice
  • Six oversized character cards
  • Six character standees
  • Six disease standees
  • Six Master Plan cards
  • 30 control cubes
  • Lots of Victory Points tokens
  • Rulebook

Going by the 'Anatomy Park' episode (and having a general understanding of the kind of gruesome things Rick and Morty go through on a daily basis) I have a pretty good idea of what we can expect from the diseases. But I'll be happy just as long as there's a giant Hepatitis C beast in there to somehow defend us from other monsters.

According to the game's lead designer, Matty Hyra, the game will include some new attractions not seen in the original episode, designed by Robb Mommaerts. "When can I get this sci-fi masterpiece," you ask? You'll be able to do it on July 12. Meanwhile, will return on Adult Swim on July 30, 2017.

Will you be playing Rick And Morty: Anatomy Park once it comes out? Let me know in the comments!


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