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You don't have to be a genius to appreciate Rick and Morty, but even the show's most intellectual fans must struggle to keep up with its endless chaos. It's hard enough figuring out which dimension is which, let alone tracking how many times Rick has switched his consciousness to a new body.

To add to this disorder, 's writers have decided to throw another puzzle at viewers by teasing the possibility of Beth being replaced by a clone — entirely by her own choice.

With the season finale looming ever closer, many fans feel the answer they seek will most certainly not be provided until Season 4. Luckily, there's already quite a bit of evidence to hint at a likely answer: Beth is gone, and her replacement is a clone.

'Rick and Morty' [Adult Swim]
'Rick and Morty' [Adult Swim]

Beth's A Strong, Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Responsibilities

While Jerry (kind of) recovered from the separation by decking out his bachelor pad and dating a hot rebound alien, Beth still isn't adjusting so well. Despite happily accepting Jerry's threats to leave her, she hasn't been doing great since he left.

To be fair, losing her job when Earth became part of the Galactic Federation took its toll on her. She was immensely proud of her career, and without it, she felt a little lost. It brought out the worst in her, and she became more neurotic and agitated than ever.

It's not hard to see why. She went straight from being a high-schooler to a young a mother, marrying her teenage boyfriend who — surprise, surprise — wasn't exactly the perfect man for her. Despite her successful career, Beth's always wondered what it would be like to experience a life with no responsibilities.

Unfortunately, that's not exactly an option when you have kids. Unless, of course, your father is a mad scientist and can offer you a free pass to a taste of true freedom.

Suffice to say, there's a lot of reasons Beth would choose to let a clone take over her motherly duties, as the latest episode revealed. But what about the evidence? Redditor drewgarr may have found just that.

Evidence #1: The Clocks

Did you pay attention to the time on all the clocks in this episode? Luckily, drewgarr did.

Discounting the clock in Rick's garage (which is broken and is always set at 2:00), we know that three hours needs to pass for Rick to have enough time to make a clone (by Rick's own estimation):

"Next we need to look at clocks in the times the following events took place. When Jerry comes to Morty's class the clock in the background says it’s 12:25 PM. Next we see the clock at Tommy’s dad execution which says it’s 1:55 PM. Now the next time we get any mention of anything time related is the end of the episode where we see Beth trying to order pizza. She says a place called Arnaldos is closed. Though there is no exact mention of the time, we can assume that enough time has passed from the roughly 2:00 PM to when a pizza place would close. At least , more then 3 hours."

Evidence #2: Beth Is Impulsive

It's no secret that Beth is pretty quick to make hasty decisions that have big implications on her family. Remember when she picked Summer to survive over Morty in Season 3 Episode 8?

If Beth is still the same Beth we've come to know, then she's still making hasty decisions that involve kind of abandoning her children. It wouldn't be too out of character for her to decide to leave her family in the care of one of Rick's genetic experiments. As drewgarr says in their post, "Beth is not one to think over about making important decisions."

Speaking of Beth's character, what did seem a little odd is the way she acted when she (or her clone) returned to the dinner table. She seemed a little over-enthusiastic when she asked if they'd enjoyed their time at Jerry's.

Evidence #3: She Doesn't Touch The Pizza

This one comes from Redditor Tech_Assassin. They noticed that despite being pretty keen to get that pizza in the final scene, Beth doesn't touch a single slice. Instead she sits and watches everyone else eat. Is Rick's clone incapable of eating food like a regular human?

Hey, maybe she's not even a clone, but a robot— much like the Morty and Summer robots he created in Season 3 Episode 2. During the scene in that episode where the family are eating dinner, robot Summer and Morty don't touch their spaghetti.

To be fair, no one eats in that scene — so it may mean nothing. Or maybe it means EVERYONE is a robot. Or a clone. God, who knows.

Do you think Beth replaced herself with a clone?


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