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Before you get carried away and simultaneously jump for joy and cry with relief, it's unlikely the Rick and Morty live event, concisely revealed in this article's headline (along with a witty quote from the show), will contain new episodes for the third season. So, take all of your expectations, get them all together and put them in a backpack and take them to the expectation museum. Okay? Good.

The event concisely revealed in this article's headline and referenced in the opening paragraph is a special live stream of all things Rick and Morty, announced recently by . From 6am EST on Thursday 29 June, will be broadcasting every episode of the first two seasons. But that's not all.

Following the all-you-can-watch glory of , there will be a extra-special special event with co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The significance of this event has been both downplayed and hyped-up; although the voiceover to Adult Swim's promo promises the "second best thing to new episodes," a press release said: "Don’t miss it. Or be late. Trust us."

Tickets for the event, which will be hosted in LA, have already sold out, but that doesn't matter, as it'll be available to stream on Adult Swim's website from 9pm EST. It is unlikely that there will be new episodes for Rick and Morty Season 3 but we all know how the premiere leaked; when we were least expecting it, on April Fool's Day. Which, could mean that they, er, don't air because people might be expecting it? Or they'll air it, because people aren't expecting it because they know they should be expecting it, and Adult Swim won't air it if people are expecting it.

No, 'Rick And Morty' Season 3 Isn't Cancelled

Either way, there will be a good enough reason for the Rick and Morty takeover, so expect at least some news on the release date for Season 3 of the acclaimed . The announcement follows Dan Harmon's Twitter explanation on the delays, where he denied reports circling the web that he had fallen out with Justin Roiland and the show was cancelled as a result. He Tweeted:

As I speak, more articles are coming out about me and Justin fighting. Because it's a less boring reason for a season to take long, and because I'm Dan Harmon, so it's a smart fucking first guess. It just happens to be hilariously not true even in the slightest. If you do know of me at all you know that if Justin and I HAD ever fought, not only wouldn't we be able to keep it secret, we'd be all too eager to share it with you.

Also, that's not what would make the show slow down! Fighting probably would have been a good idea, it might have sped us up. So that's it. I shouldn't have started a thread when i need to pack for airport, but that's it. We took too long writing. Totes regrets.

So, the delay is simply because they're taking longer to write, to ensure this season is as good as the previous two. Now we can stop panicking and look forward to the second best thing.

Will you be tuning in to Adult Swim for the Rick and Morty event?


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