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Ever since Mr. Poopybutthole told us we'd have wait 18 months for Rick and Morty Season 3, time has slowed down. Days feel like weeks. Weeks feel like months. And, for us devoted fans, any previews, scoops or theories for the next season are the journalistic equivalent of Kalaxian Crystals to crush and snort, allowing the short-lived high to help us forget how long we have to until new episodes.

Unfortunately, despite rumors teasing a 2016 release date, Rick and Morty Season 3 won't be arriving anytime soon, with a premiere expected at some point in 2017. Until then, though, Adult Swim have given us one of the best crystals we could hope for — a glimpse at footage for the next season.

Before we move on and explore what it means (let's forget that everyone's going to die and, well, everything is pointless, just for a second), here's the clip from 's live stream:

Although only a few minutes long, there's a hell of a lot going on in the clip. Enough to break down a few select meanings into neatly formatted bullet points, at least. We can see that:

  • Rick has obviously escaped from prison.
  • Morty is still trying to balance his high school life with his interdimensional activities.
  • Jessica is single.
  • The Star Wars theme is strong.
  • Rick isn't himself.

1. Rick Has Escaped From Prison. Obviously.

At the end of the second season of , the genius scientist with a knack for escaping danger found himself imprisoned by the Galactic Federation for crimes of committing everything. But the show wouldn't be apt without travels, so at some point, Rick must escape. There are some solid theories on how exactly that could unfold, including a potential return for Krombopulos Michael.

See also:

2. Morty Is Still Trying To Find A Balance

Poor Morty. It must be tough; one minute you're trying to learn algebra, the next you're burying a dead version of yourself in a parallel universe. The backdrop of normality, and Morty's general struggles of adolescence, form a welcome respite from the quirky and unpredictable landscape elsewhere.

Jessica and Morty [Credit: Adult Swim]
Jessica and Morty [Credit: Adult Swim]

It's pleasing to see Morty's unrequited love is still very much going strong, with Jessica's announcement of singledom causing him to curse with awkward excitement. It's just a shame Rick kidnapped him before he could say anything.

3. The Star Wars Theme Is Strong With This Clip

For a show set in space that relentlessly references popular culture, it's unsurprising that will be alluded to at times. The clip shows a few glaring references to the iconic saga, with Rick telling Morty that a princess has a plasma shard that he needs to acquire to be "awesome."

The pair then attack a genitalia-resembling version of the Death Star while under pressure from what could be TIE fighters. They then blast the weapon apart with lasers, presumably exposing a questionable access point on an exhaust port. Later, Rick and Morty celebrate their success in a scene copying the ending of A New Hope, while the saga's iconic music plays in the background.

4. There's Something Not Quite Right With Rick

Rick is acting differently [Credit: Adult Swim]
Rick is acting differently [Credit: Adult Swim]

Last, but not least, Rick displays surprising behavior that we haven't witnessed before, and it's disturbing. Throughout the first two seasons, Rick is particularly nonchalant, which is understandable considering he's the most intelligent human in the galaxy and he's spent an eternity travelling all corners of space and time.

In "A Rickle in Time," Rick almost dies when he sacrifices himself by giving Morty his time-stabilizing collar. In the moment he is faced with death, he seems to accept his fate, until he sees Morty's collar floating in space. This doesn't seem to overly faze him, though, something that we also see when Morty holds a gun to his head ("Total Rickall") or even when he travels to another universe and replaces a dead version of himself ("Rick Potion #9").

However, in the clip, once Rick and Morty return to the space ship, they both break down. Morty exclaims he can't take anymore and, talking through tears, Rick agrees, admitting he was "not in control". He seems genuinely scared and emotional, a far cry from his usual stoic demeanour. He also adds:

"Maybe I hate myself, maybe I deserve to die... I need a vacation."

Does this kind of reaction show that Rick is finally a changed man? Or could the mission be altogether more gruesome and disturbing than anything we've seen in the previous two seasons? For now, we'll just have to wait patiently to get the answer.

Now, where are the Kalaxian Crystals?

Rick and Morty Season 3 will premiere in 2017.

(Source: Adult Swim)


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