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*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 2, and speculation of 100 years of Rick and Morty (well, Season 3)*

Even for the smartest man in the multiverse, luck has to eventually run out in one dimension or the other. In the finale of the second season of Rick and Morty, the maverRick of all mavericks, Rick Sanchez, finally found himself restrained and hauled off to prison, arrested on behalf of the Galactic Federation. It was a sad moment, but a moment no one could argue wasn't coming.

While it wasn't surprising, the agonizing wait for Season 3 has increased speculation on just how Rick will get himself out of the aforementioned sticky situation. A lot of fan theories on the show in general are reflective of the shows erratic nature, but one particular Reddit theory has thrown up a convincing argument on how Rick can escape; and the consequences that will bring.

Before we delve into the nitty gritty of the theory, let's break the main points down into easily digestible chunks, Strawberry Smiggles style:

  • Rick will escape from the maximum security prison.
  • This will really piss off the Galactic Federation.
  • To finally put an end to Rick's devious ways, the Federation will look to capture all Ricks.
  • They'll form an elite team of villains who have all been wronged by Rick.
  • A very important character could be the mastermind of it all.

Rick Will Escape (Well, Duh)

How will Rick escape prison? [Credit: Adult Swim]
How will Rick escape prison? [Credit: Adult Swim]

It's safe to say this'll likely happen at the beginning of Season 3 — Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon wouldn't want their lead protagonist (or at least the Earth C-137 version) locked away for the whole season. But Rick is in a maximum security prison, how will he get out?

The answer could lie with another theory (this article is like Inception — for theories) that the Krombopulos Michael — the assassin crushed to death by Morty's lack of spaceship handling — belonged to another universe. This means the C-137 K. Michael is still roaming around and still killing for fun. Considering he is the most capable of breaking into one of the most secure prisons in the galaxy, he could be the ideal character to help his friend Rick out of trouble.

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Interestingly, it appears the Galactic Federation are possibly ruled by Gromflomites, the same species as Krombopulos Michael. At the very least they are extremely loyal to the federation, which could be used to the advantage of an escape attempt.

The Galactic Federation Will Be Extremely Pissed

The organization rules 6,048 planets, including Earth, enforcing law and keeping things under control. In the final episode of Season 2, it is revealed that Rick, Birdperson and Squanchy are all known rebels against the Federation, instead believing in eternal freedom.

The Federation has gone to great lengths to try and capture known rebels, with Tammy and her parents going undercover to attempt to capture known affiliates of Rick, before revealing themselves during the Squanchy wedding.

If Rick does escape it'll put a dent in their credibility, and there will be a serious backlash, which could lead to...

The Federation Will Look To Capture All Ricks

The Council of Ricks [Credit: Adult Swim]
The Council of Ricks [Credit: Adult Swim]

Such embarrassment will could lead to the Federation taking extreme action. In the episode "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind" we are introduced to the Council of Ricks, revealing that there are multiple versions of Rick and Morty.

Although the Rick and Morty from Dimension C-137 are the protagonists of the show, the Federation may retaliate against all Ricks, setting them on a collision course with the Council of Ricks. To do so, they'll require an elite team.

That Elite Team Will Be Formed Of Villains Rick Has Already Wronged

The only way to stop all the Ricks on the "central finite curve" is by forming a Suicide Squad-esque group of antiheroes who are able to challenge Rick and his cunning ways. That will require a hit squad of villains. TangoEchoBravo suggests that the team will be made up of the following members:

  • Mr. Lucifus Needful (a.k.a. The Devil): First appearing in "Something Ricked This Way Comes," he hired Summer for his cursed shop, Needful Things. Later, Rick and Summer join forces to beat him up, in a clip that was spotted in the Justice League trailer.
  • Evil Morty: Seen controlling his version of Rick in "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind," Evil Morty has a strong hatred of all things Rick, making him perfect for the team.
  • Abradolf Lincler: The bizarre hybrid of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler was the result of an experiment by Rick. His last words are "revenge" before he is unwittingly used as a sex toy for the testicle monsters (that's a sentence you don't hear every day...)
The Testicle Monster may have a bone to pick with Rick [Credit: Adult Swim]
The Testicle Monster may have a bone to pick with Rick [Credit: Adult Swim]
  • Fourth Dimensional Being: He was on hand to punish Rick, Morty and Summer for messing with time in "A Rickle in Time." The testicle monster is a time cop who protects the universe from those trying to manipulate space and time. He was beaten at the end of the episode and has a strong motive for revenge.
  • Krombopulos Michael: If the skilled assassin doesn't decide to help Rick, he may work against him instead. As mentioned previously, Gromflomites are known to be loyal to the Federation, and Krombopulos could be the same.
  • Beta-Seven: He's the cyborg who also happens to be in love with Unity, Rick's companion. His jealousy would make him a willing opponent of Ricks.
  • Zeep Xanflorp: The mastermind of Rick's car battery's Microverse perhaps has the biggest motivation of all those encountered, having discovered Rick created his entire universe for his own selfish needs. If he can find a way to switch dimensions, he could be a formidable threat.
  • Tammy: Finally, the undercover Federation officer will likely have an even bigger role, acting as the Nick Fury of the villainous A-team.

Could There Be A Mastermind Lurking Behind All Of The Above?

If we delve a little deeper into Rick's psychological state, the reason why he acts the way he does could give us clues to the Federation. A possible reason for his dependence on alcohol and lackadaisical attitude could be related to the break-up from his wife. Little is known about Ms. Sanchez, but Rick has suggested that he left her as the marriage was failing.

Season 3 may decide to explore this relationship, and the Galactic Federation could be crucial: A response to the original theory suggests Rick's wife could in fact run the Federation, and her desire for control collided with Rick's desire for freedom, eventually resulting in the couple's separation. It's interesting to note that the couple have split in all universes, meaning this was probably a deliberate act.

Ooooh weeee, that's a lot to take in, isn't it? Ooooh weeee... Is the new season here yet?!

Do you think the Galactic Federation will hunt down all Ricks in Rick and Morty Season 3? And could Ms. Sanchez work for them?

Huge credit to TangoEchoBravo for coming up with this theory on Reddit — make sure you check out the original post here.


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