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Say it ain't so!

Robert Kirkman has never been afraid of dangling teasers for his legions of Walking Dead fans. He's even gone so far as to tell us who will die before it's all over. But with each new issue of comics that comes out, revealing the deaths of more characters, it makes us wonder when will we have to say farewell to their on-screen counterpart.

Warning: The Walking Dead television show and spoilers ahead!

The Death Of Rick Grimes?

Issue #163 (hitting shelves February 1) has fans chomping at the bit, waiting to grab the comic off shelves. The issue's cover features a familiar sight, walker hands reaching toward...whatever they reach toward. But check out the big surprise that might be in store for us:

'The Walking Dead' Issue 163 [Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead' Issue 163 [Image Comics]

Does one of those hands look familiar?

So far, the TV show has avoided his comic counterpart's gruesome fate: In the comics, The Governor chops Rick's right hand off. Fans thought it was going to happen in the Season 7 opener, but he's kept all of his appendages thus far on the show.

Judging from the above cover, unless walkers have stolen Rick's hook and are parading around with it, it looks like Rick just might die and become one of them. Of course, this could just be 's way of messing with our heads, but a look back at the past issue covers proves they've pretty much always hinted at what was to come in the issue itself (as covers do):

  • Negan was introduced in issue #100:
'The Walking Dead' Issue 100 [Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead' Issue 100 [Image Comics]

Accurately sinister foreshadowing.

  • Spencer found his guts in issue #110:
'The Walking Dead' Issue 110 [Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead' Issue 110 [Image Comics]

Gross - but not untrue.

And, of course:

  • Tyreese gets Hershel'ed in issue #47:
'The Walking Dead' Issue 47 [Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead' Issue 47 [Image Comics]

Historically, covers, when featuring a big character, have been straightforward rather than abstract or misleading. So seeing that hook reaching as one with the walkers is a very, very bad sign for Officer Rick.

More Rick awesomeness:

More Issue #163 Goodies

Here are some fun facts, not theories, about this issue from the press release just issued.

  • It Will Only Cost A Quarter

The issue will cost a bank-busting 25 cents when it goes on sale, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Image Comics.

  • The Title

The title is “Conquered” and it will be the first issue after the end of the war with the Whisperers, where we saw and Rick join forces to fight the walker skin-wearing group of murderous survivors.

  • The Variant Cover

One of the variant covers looks like this:

'The Walking Dead' Issue 163 [Image Comics]
'The Walking Dead' Issue 163 [Image Comics]

The other variant cover is just the black and white version of that one. It's probably just the artist having fun with a tease that Negan might actually be the one to buy the farm, but seeing Rick in Negan's leather jacket, holding his bat...that's some good stuff.

  • It's HUGE

Typically, the comics clock in at about 30 pages. This one is a whopping 40 pages long! So, whatever Kirkman has to tell, it's going to take 10 more pages that usual.

Whatever happens, issue #163 is gonna be good.


Do you think Rick's gonna die in 'The Walking Dead' issue 163?


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