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At the 34th annual PaleyFest in Hollywood this past weekend, fans were treated to a Q&A from the cast of the show, and it sounds like some good times were had by all.

During the panel, ' revealed his dream for the fate of the hopefully immortal :

"I'm just waiting to die, and I patch myself up and a day passes ... and I don't die. Holy shit, maybe I'm the cure! There's a high shot, and you see a herd of zombies coming, and Rick follows the tracks to go see Carl, and the herd walking toward him just separates and he walks through it!"

Sure, it's a little out there, but since when has the show not been just a little (or a lot) out there?

More TWD EndGame Goodness:

Just to make it clear, there were some spoilers given at the Q&A, but this is definitely not one of them; it's just how Lincoln hopes his character's arc goes.

After Lincoln went through his dream ending for Rick, piped up, and let us know exactly how he felt about it:

"That was cute!"

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

Ouch. Okay, so, maybe he won't be getting that happy ending, after all. If has taught us anything, it's that he's more likely to die in a horrible way by the time the series wraps.

How good was that Rick Grimes finale? Too World War Z-esque? Let me know in the comments!

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