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(Warning: the following article contains spoilers about Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Obviously.)

If watching Glenn's head being pulverised in to raspberry pudding wasn't traumatic enough, then watching Rick Grimes break down in to a sobbing little man baby sure did the trick. Episode 1 of Season 7 left everyone reeling and desperate for vengeance— cast members included.

Andrew Lincoln has just revealed that not only did he manage to exact revenge on the very person responsible for that notorious bludgeoning, but he got it on film, too.

"Me and Jeffrey [Dean Morgan] got to hit Greg Nicotero in the head with Lucille, which was our payback for such a horrible endurance test that he put us through."

Greg Nicotero is The Walking Dead's current director. Lincoln said he "obviously" would have taken much more pleasure in exacting some justice on Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, but still described his attack on Nicotero as "amazing".

"I said, 'Don't you ever put me through this again you son of a gun,' and then hit him with the bat."

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The whole gruesome ordeal was recorded by both the on-set cameras and Nicotero's phone, though there's no sign of the footage being shared with fans. Luckily, there's still a treasure trove of hilarious photos captured by the cast floating around the internet. Here's a few candid moments from your favourite survivors:

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With such an entertaining cast, you'd almost be forgiven for forgetting how horrifically brutal The Walking Dead really is.

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