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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The first half of Season 7 is a great deal of exposition peppered with a couple of shocking deaths, but the show has kept up its tradition of subtle references and TWD in-jokes.

A nice throwback reference was hidden in plain sight in The Walking Dead S07E04, "Service." Check it out from 0:58: Spencer foolishly taunts blames Rick for Abe & Glenn's death, earning him a rather fine threat in return:

''I'll break you jaw, knock your teeth out."

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If you're the kind of Walking Dead fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of the seasons, you may have noticed that we've heard that particular threat before: back in S02E10, "18 Miles Out," Rick told Shane how much anger he had towards him for his relationship with Lori, seething:

"I wanted to break your jaw, let you choke on your teeth."

S07E04 was a good time for the reference to pop up, as Shane was clearly on Rick's mind: This was the episode he confessed to Michonne that he's convinced that Judith is Shane's child, not his.

This reference comes shortly after a similar one in Episode 3, "The Cell," in which Negan told Daryl "You don't scare easy," echoing the exact words that Merle said to Glenn in S03E07. You gotta stay on your toes to catch all the little things on The Walking Dead, kids!


When Rick threatened Spencer, did you remember that he'd said the same thing to Shane?

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