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If I was , I would be pretty proud of my IMDB page. The British funnyman, along with co-writer , has been behind some of the finest comedies of the last 15 years. The UK version of The Office is an absolute masterpiece. Similarly, Extras was another brilliantly crafted comedy. And then there's The Ricky Gervais Show and An Idiot Abroad - two shows which provide a hilarious alternative to sitcoms.

However, avid Gervais fans may have noticed the omission of Life's Too Short from this list of accolades. For me, Gervais and Merchants latest sitcom just failed to hit the mark. I might not be alone in this estimation, since IndieWire has just reported that HBO and the BBC have agreed to commission a one-off special to finish the series. This might sound good, but it's a long shot from the second season Gervais was initially confident about.

Traditionally Gervais/Merchant sitcoms run for two seasons before going out in style with a Christmas special. Both The Office and Extras followed this format and delivered some pretty unforgettable special episodes. So, although Life's Too Short will get the 'special treatment', fans of the show might be disappointed with a lack of a second season.

Despite a great performance by (who played a skewed version of himself) and some admittedly hilarious scenes (Liam Neeson, anyone?), Life's Too Short was neither a runaway critical or ratings success. It consistently lost viewers across its original UK run, and although it did slightly better in the US, this performance may have influenced BBC bosses.

However, Davis and Gervais have cited time constraints as the reason for jumping straight to a special. This could certainly be true. With Gervais' latest solo project, Derek, coming soon, and Merchant working with HBO to produce a stand-up special, both comic geniuses must have pretty busy schedules.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy Life's Too Short? Would you rather it had a second season, or are you just happy for a special episode? Let us know below!


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