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Mark Newton

What's going to be the next big craze in movie marketing? Well, I'm going to bet on motion comics. People love comic books (apparently) but people don't actually want to read them — I mean they're bulky, static and run the ever present risk of paper cuts. Motion comics on the other hand provide the same experience, but tailored to the modern Youtubers attention span.

Following Man of Steel's example, Riddick has now released a five minute motion comic showing the voiced Furyan in slow-animated action. However, whereas Man of Steel's motion comic was only supposed to be viewable for those who have pre-ordered the Blu-Ray, Riddick's is available to all free of charge. Check out the motion comic, titled Blindsided, below:


What do you think? How is this motion-comic shaping your expectations for the Riddick movie? Let us know below.


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