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With Riddick finally out we are essentially at the end of the summer blockbuster season, so if you are a fan of such movies then now is a good time to look ahead. Personally I am a big fan of the character Richard B. Riddick from the very good Pitch Black and even didn’t hate Chronicles of Riddick as much as many others (the part on the prison planet was good, if you deny that then you’re just being contradictory). I also enjoyed Riddick quite a bit, so I’ve been taking that freedom from the summer season to look forward into what may be next for Riddick since its star and its director both say they are already looking forward to movies 4 & 5. So here’s what I’m thinking for a sequel:


Some spoilers for Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick, and possibly for some of the related games and motion comic are to be expected in the following article. Read no further if you haven’t seen them all or are concerned about spoilers from any of them.



From the plot and ending of Riddick, we have a clear setting for the sequel, and that is Riddick’s home world of Furya. That is actually, we learn, how he ends up on the wild planet at the start of Riddick, he was bored of the soft life leading the Necromongers and asks Vaako () where it is as he has been there and knows the location. He’s betrayed and left for dead, but after surviving and escaping at the end of the movie he basically says he’s headed home, though he also has no idea where that is.

If you aren’t that aware of the series or its lore, Furya is a now (at least supposedly) dead planet, and former home of the Furyans. They were a thriving spiritual warrior race, easily akin to the ancient Spartans like in 300, but they were wiped out in genocide by the Necromongers. This was done as the Lord Regent that Riddick bested in Chronicles of Riddick had heard a prophecy that a Furyan male would rise up to kill him. He killed all Furyan males; even strangling infants with their umbilical cords, and one of these were Riddick who only survived due to his being an Alpha Furyan, or basically a total badass. Riddick got the memory muddled to that he was actually abandoned and all but forgot the planet until he ran afoul of the Necromongers and their connection to his past.

The planet is considered dead, has an “eccentric” orbit so it’s hard to track and is considered to be cursed. Certainly sounds interesting, plus if that is all true, then why didn’t Vaako decide to abandon Riddick there? If Vaako’s experience from the genocide of the Furyans truly makes him the only one to know its location and it’s so dead, why is he afraid of bringing Riddick back there?


So we know where we’re going, so what’s the plot? As I mentioned before, Riddick says he’s off to return home, and for real this time, but he still doesn’t know where it is. So of course he’s going to return to the Necromongers and their new Lord Regent Vaako for some revenge and directions. Urban was a bit under used in the Chronicles of Riddick despite being something of a main character and a good actor, and truly barely qualifies as being in Riddick. I’m not sure if that limited presence in the last movie is due to his increasingly busy schedule or if it’s a conscious decision to distance the film from Chronicles of Riddick, but they basically have to bring him back to have Riddick return home.

I think they’ll still want to keep their distance from Chronicles of Riddick and not spend a lot of time with the Necromongers, or at least the Necromongers as a whole. I see it as we’ll have Riddick located on the main ship or planet for the Necromongers, elegant and well-guarded, but he will sneak in unseen, smoothly killing guards in his way. Working his way in until he gets to Vaako, feeling secure in his seat of power, believing Riddick dead and all of his guards as ample security…that is until Riddick sneaks up behind him with a blade to his neck in the dark with a “You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?” Vaako panics believing Riddick just wants him dead, but Riddick tells him that he understands he’s the type of chicken who sends someone else to do his dirty work in killing Riddick and to rely on others to protect him. He’s not worth killing and that as long as he takes Riddick to Furya he may even be allowed to keep on living his life as Lord Regent.

Vaako seeing it as his only chance to live, and a possible way to escape and/or kill Riddick once and for all agrees, and they depart in Riddick’s ship. It’s still the mercenary ship from the end of Riddick and Vaako is kept in the restraints there as they travel, verbal sparring and bickering of course ensuing. Possibly Vaako eventually gets out and tries to take out Riddick, and they fight to a standstill when they realize they have actually arrived. Riddick shocked by being home, and Vaako affected by his dark history with the planet and its rumored curse. They land to find it desolate as rumored, but Riddick wants to explore more, sensing something from it, forcing Vaako to follow and be unable to leave by temporarily disabling the ship. As they explore the planet Riddick reconnects to his heritage and Vaako deals with the memories and strife that tie him to the planet, it is found to possibly be not as dead as it seems but possibly actually cursed. The two must work together to survive as well as come to peace with their histories with Furya.

Maybe mix in the Necromongers realizing their Lord Regent is missing and chasing after him, and the return of the surviving cast of Riddick whom he had a tentative friendship with to add some extra tension and relationship work. The return of Boss Johns () and Dahl () would be a nice addition of people Riddick has at least some regard for, which he clearly wouldn’t for Vaako. But overall this is indeed very basic story structure ideas because who knows where it will go, or exactly what would happen even with what I have laid out. This is just the best way I see to work the general plot from what was laid out in the last film. Let me know in the comments what you think of the idea and if should return for a bigger role.


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