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Acclaimed director (Blade Runner, Gladiator, Alien, you know the rap...), after having tackled the Future, ancient Rome and Harlem, now wants to address the big issue-slash-scandal plaguing the NFL and the other football leagues: the long-lasting effects of head injuries sustained by players of this sport.

More and more retired football players have been coming out in the past months and years to speak out against the tragic consequences of heavy trauma to the brain. Their testimonials have been supported by growing scientific evidence of the causality link between on-field injuries and neurological problems such as severe depression and dementia. Some prominent NFL players and ex-players have gone so far as to commit suicide, which many activists assure was prompted by the long-term effects of in-game injuries to the head.

Scott is now in production of his epic Biblical movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings, but he still found time to meet potential writers to pen the script for a drama focusing on this aforementioned topic. Since these are still the early stages of the movie, no one can tell for sure if it will ever get made. But I reckon a smart movie showcasing the all-too-real elephant lingering in the room of modern pro (and not-so-pro) football, directed by the guy who made at least two of the best science fiction films ever, is not a bad idea to grapple. Here's hoping that someday we'll get to see the end product of this promising project.

To make the wait a little easier, check out the trailer for a documentary on the very same subject of football-induced head trauma, Head Games:

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