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Hollywood fixture is known for his penchant for having any number of projects being kicked about at any given time, so the high frequency with which he is attached and then just as quickly unattached to projects shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

One of those now-abandoned projects is his adaptation of author 's brutal novel Blood Meridian, which was scrapped due to no studios wanting to touch the grisly and graphic content, according to a recent interview the director had with Time Out:

[Studios] didn't want to make it. The book is so uncompromising, which is what's great about it.

It would have been rated double-X. It's Hieronymus Bosch, the way McCarthy describes the first time you see several hundred horses with bones and feathers on them, and you can't see a rider until you're staring at the Comanche. It's horrific. He writes in visual images which are spectacular, so it suits me down to the ground.

It's understandable why studios are gun-shy about pulling the trigger on the project, considering the gruesome nature of the source material. The novel centers on "the kid", a teenage runaway who joins the scalphunting Glanton gang, and the encounters they have with the malevolent, brutal Judge Holden. To remain even remotely true to the story, the content of the film would automatically rule out and disturb most audiences.

Still, with Scott already directing McCarthy's first original screenplay in The Counselor, which is currently in theaters, it would be interesting to see what Scott might plan for what is arguably McCarthy's darkest, yet most masterful work.

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