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If I may bore you for a second or two: There is a German soccer proverb that says something along the lines of "After ze game ist before ze game". The Academy Awards are pretty much like soccer in that respect. While we’re in the endgame of the Oscar Season 2012, with as wide open a race as we've had in years, players for next year’s Awards are already shuffling into position like well-groomed, if slightly overeager race horses.

Players such as the -directed, Cormac McCarthy-scripted crime thriller The Counselor, which will be released November 15th.

The Counselor stars (Prometheus) as a lawyer who gets involved in the dangerous game of drug trafficking and lives to learn exactly how dangerous that game really is. and play business associates of his, while plays Fassbender's girlfriend and a femme fatal-ish sort of character.

While a November release date tends to be awards friendly, we are not sure that the movie will be much of an Oscar movie. Having read the screenplay, all we can say that it is extremely dark, quite artsy and much more ambiguous than the Coen Brothers' Cormac McCarthy adaptation No Country for Old Men, which in tone and content is quite similar.

But that’s all besides the point really, because let’s face it: there is hardly any reason NOT to be excited for The Counselor. It's amazingly cast, written by a genius and has a director, who can deliver a masterpiece on the occasion, if not hindered by a screenplay with gigantic holes in it cough Prometheus cough.

If you're interested in finding out if The Counselor indeed turns out a masterpiece via trailers, stills and early reviews, be sure to [[follow]].


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