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's latest directorial effort, The Counselor certainly hasn't wowed critics the world over — which is a surprise considering everything about the film seemed geared to wowing critics. The Counselor saw the veteran filmmaker directing the likes of , and against a script penned by Cormac McCarthy himself.

It seemed like it had all the ingredients for a run away hit, but instead it has only garnered 35 percent on Rotten Tomatoes (less than Arnie and Sly Stallone's bone-headed action movie, Escape Plan), while critic Andrew O'Hehir described it as the "worst movie ever made".

However, don't for a second think Scott is going to become a hermit and lament the cinema-world which has spurned him so harshly. No, he's jumping back onto his horse and galloping towards three new projects.

In an interview with Empire Magazine, Scott reveals the progress of his various projects. First of all, he gave to the low-down on Prometheus 2. He explained:

Prometheus 2 is written. I have already got the next two films ready to go. That will be 2014, 2015...

One of those two movies will be biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, the story of Moses' journey out of Egypt. Progress on Exodus is ambling quite nicely, having already nabbed , , and . Although the word 'epic' is bandied around everywhere these days, it seems Exodus might really live up to its definition. When Scott was asked how big Exodus would be, he simply replied:

Fucking huge.

However, it seems for Scott's other upcoming project, he'll be returning to familiar territory:

There is also this very well written piece, one of the last great science-fiction books called The Forever War [the bureaucracy and space battle masterpiece by Joe Haldeman] – we've finally got a very good draft of that for Fox. I thought I'd left science-fiction for too long, that I had better climb back in. Prometheus was a great experience for me. Chasing number two, we can start evolving the grand idea...

But that's not all. In the Empire Podcast, also revealed Blade Runner 2 was progressing along rather nicely. He explained:

Yeah, we're working on [Blade Runner 2] right now - that will happen sooner or later.

So we shouldn't expect it in Scott's 2014/2015 delivery of movies, but it's certainly on its way.

Which of these upcoming movies has got you most excited? Let us know below.


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