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It seems that even in this festive season, we aren't spared the grief of losing yet another star. With people around the world still grieving singer George Michael (who died on Christmas Day at the age of 53) another loss has stabbed us in the hearts with the death of Star Wars legend Carrie Fisher at the age of 60.

Fans are in tears at this unexpected news. Although it was widely reported Fisher had suffered a massive heart attack on December 23 while on a transatlantic flight from London to LA, her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, revealed that she was in a stable condition.

Although we now mourn the loss of such an inspirational woman, I believe this is also a time to enjoy all of Fisher's greatness. Here is a list of five memorable moments for her most iconic character Princess Leia and why we loved her. Hopefully these moments will bring a smile to you face.

1. Leia Never Needed Saving

Even in 1977 many people believed that a princess was meant to be soft and delicate and in constant need of saving. It was who helped to break this norm and pave the way for other notable fictional heroines, like warrior princess Xena and vampire slayer Buffy.

Leia was never your typical damsel in distress. Yes, she has had her fair share of trouble, but she always fought her way out, with or without reinforcement. Remember one of the first times we see her in A New Hope? and Han Solo came to her rescue to free her from her prison, but they received more contempt than gratitude upon their arrival.She wasn't even scared to take action, stealing Han's gun to blast an escape route for them. And this wouldn't be the last time she'd save these guys' butts.

2. Han And Her

Even her relationship with wasn't all that typical. Again, princesses were meant to wait daintily and quietly to be courted by some prince, yet it was this fair princess who started the flirtations with the dashing smuggler. And not even her brand of flirting consisted of the usual giggles and hair flicks. She was never afraid to speak her mind, even if that meant continuously insulting Han. Witty, flippant, sarcastic remarks ranged from, "Into the garbage chute, flyboy!" to calling him a "stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!” These biting comments told us she loved him, even then. We just knew it.

3. She Was The Boss

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em."

I quote a line from the great William Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night here, but we can all agree that Princess Leia was all of the above. The daughter of a powerful Sith Lord but raised as a princess of a now-destroyed planet, she was entrusted with the hope of a whole galaxy. She directed the rebels to victory and aided in the era of peace that followed. Even when a new threat appeared in the form of her own son Kylor Ren, she refused to back down and continued to fight for what she thought was right. And not once did she turn to the dark side of the Force for help — and that's an important thing to remember when we talk about the Skywalkers.

4. She Had A Soft Side

She may have been a kick-ass princess most of the time, but she did have her softer moments. In Return of the Jedi we see this rebel royalty armed to the teeth with guns and blusters, carrying an adorable little in her arms. She showed us then that although she could fight and kill, it didn't destroy her humanity, or her femininity. When turned to the dark side and committed patricide, her love for her son and his father radiated from her face, even through the grief of her sudden loss. (I'm going to stop now because I'll need a tissue soon.)

5. She Was A True Hero

Princess Leia was a hero in every sense of the word. Not because she was no damsel in need of protecting, or because she was the symbol of the Rebellion. She was a hero to any little girl, and boy, who ever watched her. She taught us about truth and love. She thought only of peace and of fighting for what is right, as well as fighting to protect those she loved. She was proof that even one person could make a change. And even now, Leia will continue to be an inspiration.

Although may not be with us any more, we know that in a galaxy far, far away a star is shining, and it's the brightest star that galaxy has ever seen. This inspirational woman will continue to live on within every single one of us fans, each time a young girl puts on her white robes and pulls her hair into two buns. She will always live on in us.

Rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. May the Force be forever with you.

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