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On Jan 19th, 2017 we lost a true legacy. Miguel Ferrer, whose roles varied from big screen to small, spent just as much time in front of the camera as he did behind it, providing some of the most iconic voices in animation.

From The Big Screen

Robocop [Credit: MGM]
Robocop [Credit: MGM]

The fist time I saw Miguel Ferrer, he was in Robocop, an ultra-violent parody of '80s action movies. Ferrer played brown-nosing corporate sleaze, Bob Morton.

Ferrer took a completely unlikable personality and made it work. I was actually rooting for him in the movie. Ferrer got his start in movies in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. His roles varied from adult fare such as to family-friendly comedies like Blank Check.

To The Small Screen

'Crossing Jordan' [Credit: NBC/Universal]
'Crossing Jordan' [Credit: NBC/Universal]

Ferrer was probably more recognizable on the small screen. Getting his start on Magnum P.I., Ferrer was notable in his appearances on Twin Peaks, in which he was scheduled to appear in the reboot later this year on Showtime. More recently, Ferrer played against type in with Jill Hennessy and in costarring opposite LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell. His television career spanned decades with roles in TJ Hooker, Trapper John, MD, and two Stephen King miniseries, The Shining as an uncredited voice.

Behind The Camera

Vandal Savage in 'Young Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Vandal Savage in 'Young Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Ferrer’s voice was indistinguishable on the big screen in the animated classic as Disney’s Mulan, His small screen voice work included Adventure Time, Ben 10, as well as a healthy amount of work for Warner Bros., voicing Aquaman in Superman: The Animated Series, Vandal Savage in Young Justice, as well as Sinestro in The Batman. Ferrer also lent his velvety tones to Justice League: A New Frontier.

Ferrer was no stranger to Marvel either, voicing Silvermane in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. He even created a comic character in the form of Comet Man. Video game enthusiasts may also recognize him as the Heretic Leader from Halo 2.

Final Thoughts

Miguel Ferrer was truly a versatile actor. He was practically bred to be in the limelight, given that his parents were Hollywood legends Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney, making him first cousin to . No matter the role, he took the material and made the best of it. He passed away today having lost his battle with cancer. . Mr. Ferrer, you have made an impact on us that is seldom achieved and never duplicated.

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