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As it turns out, even beautiful badass bitches like Rihanna can't cope with watching themselves getting jiggy on screen — so how did she deal with watching her saucy debut this Monday? By getting blitzed on tequila and live-streaming the cringe, obviously!

Deciding to share the experience with thousands of fans via Instagram, captured all her hilarious, shot-fueled reactions, which reached new levels of LOLs when her character's — Marion Crane — sex scene popped up. Watch her as she recoils with nope, unable to handle the "gross" kissing noises and face-palming over the weirdness:

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Can you imagine?! No, me neither. How you can watch yourself getting saucy on screen without folding your face in on itself is beyond me. But then again, I'm sure if we looked anything like this goddess does in the clip below we'd be running around nudey all the time, to be frank:

Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 6 premieres March 27 at 10pm EST. And I'm sure, after this, you'll be tuning in. Check out the episode promo below:

Did you watch Rihanna live-stream her sex scene?


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