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Now, may, in her role as , be 's new comic book (or at least one of them), but so long as is hanging around in the , she's likely to be stuck in the "non-cinematic deputy superhero" club. Sure, she'd be in good company there, with the fan-favorite likes of Miles Morales, Wally West and John Stewart, but it still seems like something of a shame that as intriguing a character as Williams is seemingly destined to stay rooted to the comic book page, at least for the immediate future.

That is, unless you count surprisingly slick fan films featuring the young hero, since:

Riri Williams Just Went Live Action In MIT's New Iron Man-Inspired Fan Film

Which, in a somewhat surprising turn of events, is actually pretty darned solid, as you can see just above. Not least because Williams really did go to MIT (in the comic books), making her involvement more of a "her being a dutiful alumnae" kind of deal than a "shameless use of a popular cultural figure" sort of thing.

Except, of course, the video isn't technically a fan-film at all, but rather a moderately well-disguised promotional video for MIT's upcoming "Pi Day," on which the university announces which students have been accepted into its hallowed halls for the year. With that moment fast approaching (it'll be on March 14) then, it makes sense for the school to use one of its most famous (albeit fictional) alums to promote it.

Whether the real life Riri (who, once again, is absolutely fictional) would have gone for it, though, is a matter for debate.

What do you think, though? Would the "real" Riri have been up for filming a promotional video for MIT's 'Pi Day'? Let us know below!



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