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In today's world, the entertainment industry is booming and thriving better than ever. It has never been a better time to be a fan of TV (which is in a prosperous golden age) and film. Regardless of your individual tastes, there are a number of new and exciting things on the horizon for fans of pretty much every genre. One of the reasons behind this boom is the flow of fresh and talented blood that is influencing the way Hollywood works and approaches new projects. From MMA superstars to highly talented child and teen actors, here's a breakdown of 10 rising stars in the entertainment industry you should keep an eye on.

10. Colin Trevorrow

It may seem odd to refer to Trevorrow as a rising star — he has been in the industry for a long time. However, it feels like his career is only just reaching its peak. Trevorrow holds a key role in two of the most iconic movie franchises of all time. After the success he had with Jurassic World (which is set to become a trilogy), he has been given a Star Wars film.

Trevorrow will sit in the director's chair for the ninth installment of the marquee sci-fi series. A lot of people loved the revival of Jurassic World as well as the new cast of characters it introduced. This was clearly the reason for putting him in charge of a different long running series. With four huge blockbusters on the way, it seems Trevorrow's career has only just begun.

9. Ryan Coogler

This writer/director was the mastermind behind Creed, the resurrection of another classic franchise. He did a superb job, paying homage to the film's roots while ushering that world into the new era. The music was fantastic, utilizing the work of various popular artists alongside an orchestral score.

There were even moments that payed tribute to the music of old. The classic themes from the previous installments would occasionally chime-in, providing a little more emotional impact. Coogler will soon helm the Black Panther solo movie, possibly pushing him even further into the list of the next big directors.

8. Charlie Cox

Daredevil introduced the world to Marvel's Netflix TV universe and soon The Man Without Fear could join the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Russo's have teased that the stars of the Netflix-Marvel universe could join The Avengers in Infinity War. With that being said, if this does not come to fruition Charlie Cox is in a great position regardless.

His performance as the troubled Matt Murdock is incredible and the writers on that show just cannot miss. It really is essential viewing. That world is growing and Netflix has a number of Marvel TV shows on the way. The solo shows will all tie into a team-up show called The Defenders, which includes Daredevil. Charlie Cox is sure to be a big star very soon.

7. Conor McGregor

"The Notorious One" has quickly become the biggest star in combat sports. He has found mainstream fame, bringing new fans into MMA fandom. The UFC was on its way to becoming a giant before he arrived, but his rise to stardom helped give it that last, important push.

Now, McGregor is primed to become a pillar of the entertainment industry as a whole. Recently, he acquired a role in the new Call of Duty game. COD is a franchise that is synonymous with gaming, partnering with "The Face of the Fight Game" is a smart move for both parties.

McGregor will certainly get a lot of movie roles in the future due to his charisma and screen presence. Although for the time being, Conor is turning them down because of his dedication to mixed martial arts.

6. Michael B. Jordan

The young star brought the champ's estranged son to life in Creed. He has had a number of other starring roles. I believe Jordan is an inspirational figure for a lot of young men and will continue to be a role model as his fame grows. He will soon get to demonstrate his versatility in a villainous role in the aforementioned Black Panther solo movie.

5. The Cast Of Stranger Things

This entry is cheating slightly as it is not just one person. The young cast members of the overnight Netflix hit are rapidly gaining a fan base. They all put on a fantastic performance in Stranger Things and since then, viewers are growing to love the real people. Actors with entertaining personalities off-screen as well as on are destined for big things.

They have definitely shown this from their interviews and on social media. Gaten and the gang are set to return in the anticipated second season. After Stranger Things has ended, there's little doubt that they'll find plenty acting work in Hollywood.

4. Tom Holland

The up and coming actor broke the internet when he appeared as Spider-Man in the trailer for Captain America: Civil War. His new portrayal of Peter Parker impressed a lot of people, and was a promising start for the iconic hero's first foray into the MCU.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will see Holland don the mask and web-shooters in his own solo movie. The first solo adventure is already gathering attention and will feature an all-star cast.

Holland is taking on one of the most iconic superheroes in history. This is no easy task, but if he gets it just right his future looks bright. He appears to have the job well in hand to me.

3. Daisy Ridley

This British actress could be one of the industry's next leaders. Her portrayal of Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned emotional investment from viewers old and new. Ridley is one of the faces representing the new generation of Star Wars heroes, and Disney certainly picked a great actress for that very thing.

Her performance in Star Wars Episode VII was stunning; it was emotive, charismatic and strong. It is ironic that her character is linked to Luke Skywalker, as Mark Hamill also went from being a relative unknown to a bona fide star. Even after Ridley is done with Star Wars she will be around in the entertainment world for a very long time.

2. John Boyega

Getting his first big break in Attack The Block, Boyega has also been sky-rocketed to fame with a leading role in the newest Star Wars film. However, he is not resting between filming installments. Boyega has signed on to some significant projects not associated with the marquee sci-fi series.

Boyega is set to appear in The Circle, alongside such A-listers as Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. He is also on-board the Pacific Rim sequel billed as "Pentecost." It is unclear at the moment if he is a young version of Stacker Pentecost from the first film or a relative.

1. Donald Glover

Glover is a key figure in more than one aspect of the entertainment industry. He raps under the persona Childish Gambino, bringing wisdom and hope to many fans. When he isn't making music, Glover is a writer and acted for television. His latest project, Atlanta, has seen Glover combine both of his passions.

It is a comedy/drama based on the rap game. Glover's artistic fingerprint is all over it, Atlanta features the important issues and incredible writing of a Gambino song. The news broke recently that Atlanta has been renewed for a second season. It has been a comedic triumph so far and it tackling issues that other shows are afraid to.

Did we get them all? Which rising star do you think will make their mark in the industry?


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