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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you thought Abs merely meant that little one from 90s boyband, 5ive, then think again. Rita Ora kindly struts her funky stuff after a trip to a London gym this last Wednesday. The 22 year old singer looks rightly chuffed with her bangin' bod, showcasing a sexy washboard stomach in a cute black belly top, bearing the apt slogan, 'Fetish'. In fact, that ripped-ass stomach is probably appearing on midriff-fetish sites worldwide as we speak.

Cute outfit, Rita. Show us a bit of tongue, will ya? I know exactly what that guy in the background is thinking, because it's what I am thinking, too. Better keep quiet about that as this is a reputable site. Save your comments for, tattoed photobomber!

The British-Albanian babe flexes and flaunts her hard-earned washboard stomach in more saucy snaps. I'm loving her 'I'm so fkin fly' expression.

Rita Sahatçiu Ora, now there's a mouthfull. The singer looks very 'Hot Right Now' as she flashes us a bit of belly. Sahatçiu, Sir! What a magnificent midriff.


Do you want a close-up, perchance to better slaver like a rabid animal? I do, so let's have one.

No problem, Rita Ora/sexy stomach fans! I just do my job as best I can.

Thanks to Just Jared for the gorge pics.



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