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For fans hungry for more details on the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, there may just be a few tasty nuggets lying in wait. Although they don't quote direct sources, The Wrap claims to know a few interesting details about the plot of the upcoming movie. Take 'em with a pinch of salt:

Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa is 65 million years old and is a former Green Ranger gone rogue.

A cool idea, and very different to Saban's original Rita Repulsa who was always an alien and had a whole different back story. It sounds like there's gonna be a few more new twists to Rita 2017 than just the sexy elf eyebrows and killer drag nails.

There's more:

Goldar's molecular essence is scattered around the globe after he was vaporized into a cloud of microscopic gold particles in the opening action sequence on Ancient Earth. Rita Repulsa collects gold to resurrect Goldar... and the Rangers have just 71 hours to stop her.

I mean, it all sounds pretty feasible, but there's no hint of any of this stuff in the official Power Rangers trailer, beyond the Rita Repulsa's involvement and the Rangers finding a bunch of crystals:

See also:

It's been confirmed that Goldar and the Putties will be involved, but The Wrap details how they will make their mark:

Putties will make an appearance in 'Power Rangers' in a scene where Rita Repulsa is trying to steal gold bullion from the Central Bank of Russia. Five Putties made of stone in a later scene challenge the Rangers.

The article also suggests that Lord Zedd will be involved, though he's not listed in the cast on major sites like IMDb.

Rita Repulsa has been trying to deliver the Zeo Crystal to her master, Lord Zedd, for a long time. It would make quite a statement, as he burned half his face off trying to steal it himself.

Are these alleged "plot details" a sneaky leak or idle speculation? Sound off in the comments below.


Which Rita Repulsa do you prefer?

(Sources: The Wrap)


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