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Riverdale may be only two episodes in, but it's already promising to be the exact Twin Peaks meets One Tree Hill mashup The CW billed it as. With one murder already and a veritable conspiracy just lurking under the surface, having a normal life is a full time job for the teens of — but as the mystery deepens, these fresh-faced kids will find it difficult to keep out of trouble.

The end of the last episode — "A Touch Of Evil" — saw mean girl Cheryl Blossom arrested for her brother's death. Clearly, there's still a lot more to discover about this event, as Jason's death occurred a full week after his disappearance.

There's something strange about Cheryl... [Credit: The CW]
There's something strange about Cheryl... [Credit: The CW]

But how could Cheryl hurt someone she cared so much about? There's certainly something a bit off about the Blossom twins' relationship, and from the way she talks about Jason, Cheryl seems more than a tad obsessed with her brother. Whether the two were just close — or if they're going full Cersei-and-Jamie on each other — remains to be seen.

In a new interview with TV Guide, Cheryl actress Madelaine Petsch dished about this odd relationship, and although she says it's "open to interpretation", she does describe elements of their interactions as "romantic".

Laughingly describing Cheryl and Jason's relationship as "twincest", Petsch said that she was surprised when she first read the script. However, it looks like whatever creepy undercurrent there is to Cheryl and Jason's relationship, this will firmly remain in the subtext, although Petsch does "play on" the incest angle.

Petsch went more in depth when speaking to TV Line, seeming to debunk the theory that the two were more than just siblings.

Cheryl and Jason take their fateful trip to the river. [Credit: The CW]
Cheryl and Jason take their fateful trip to the river. [Credit: The CW]

"She’s not in love with him in an intimate and sexual way...It’s that he’s the only person who’s ever shown her unconditional love, and [he’s] the only person she’s ever unloaded unconditional love back to. So it’s a very awkward, weird place for her when she loses him to realize she’s so in love with him and so obsessed with him because no one loves her like he did. Her family doesn’t show love to her. She’s distraught and so lonely without him."

So it seems that the strange nature of Cheryl's love for Jason is mostly just subtext, although Petsch definitely isn't unaware of the implications. We'll find out more about Cheryl and Jason next episode, when Cheryl is questioned for her role in Jason's murder.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at Riverdale Season 1 Episode 3, "Body Double", below...

...and tell us in the comments: Do you think there's something going on underneath the surface of Cheryl and Jason's relationship?

[Source: TV Line]


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