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Long before the likes of Katniss Everdeen and Bella Swan struggled with the pangs of three-way desire, Archie, Betty and Veronica were the ultimate love triangle, fighting for each other's affection over a chocolate malt in the local ice cream parlour. However, much has changed in the decades that have passed since they all first clashed in the pages of , especially if the latest trailer for Riverdale is anything to go by...

From zombie attacks to encounters with Sonic and even the Predator, Archie and his friends have dealt with their fair share of unusual plot developments in recent years, but none shocked the world more than the introduction of issues to the quiet town of .

Riverdale [Credit: The CW]
Riverdale [Credit: The CW]

For decades, comics set in Riverdale High School continued to perpetuate outdated concepts of sexuality and identity, failing to move on from Archie's heyday in the '50s — but that all changed in 2014 when Archie died (?!) taking a bullet meant for Kevin Keller, the first openly character in the series.

Since then, Archie's best friend Jughead has openly revealed himself to be asexual, and now it appears that the small screen adaptation Riverdale will continue this progressive trend for the franchise, as the latest trailer depicts Betty and Veronica sharing a kiss with each other.

Check out the short, but sexy Riverdale promo in question below:

While will explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding a student's death for the most part, Jason Blossom's demise may go largely unnoticed if the love triangle between Archie, Betty & Veronica continues to heat up like this. The issue, though, is whether this kiss is genuine, or whether the two 'friends' are enjoying a bit of girl-on-girl action for the benefit of someone watching, including perhaps even Archie himself.

Riverdale [Credit: The CW]
Riverdale [Credit: The CW]

The two frenemies may label themselves as straight in the comics, but for years now, fans have noticed sexual tension bubbling between Betty and Veronica, so this new development in Riverdale could simply be a natural development for the two teenage girls.

Back in an issue of Betty and Veronica Digest from 1998, Betty and Veronica put their rivalry over Archie aside for one moment, agreeing to star together in a stage version of Beauty and the Beast, in which they played lovers. While this could be disregarded as just acting, this incident isn't the only one to suggest that there's more to the pair's relationship than meets the eye.

Archie [Credit: Archie Comics]
Archie [Credit: Archie Comics]

A few years later, in Archie’s Double Digest #48 (1990), Veronica angrily declares to Betty that, “You’re over an hour late for our date!”, something that few teenagers would say to mere friends in the early '90s. In a later issue of Betty and Veronica Double Digest from 1997, Veronica also misled her friend with a rhyme that implies the two could be an item. While the next line eventually turns out to involve going steady "...with Freddy and Teddy", Veronica looks rather smug teasing Betty in that fashion.

Archie [Credit: Archie Comics]
Archie [Credit: Archie Comics]

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Unfortunately for fans shipping Betty and Veronica as a couple on Riverdale, it seems more likely that the girls make out session is just for show. After all, the two are both clad in cheerleader outfits, and there's an audience watching behind them in the gymnasium. Any genuine connection that could develop into something more platonic would arguably occur behind closed doors, although there's a chance that this could still happen later, as the season continues to unfold.

Either way, Casey Cott's portrayal of Kevin Keller — the first openly gay character in the Archie franchise — should still make some headway in representing diversity on the show, even if Betty and Veronica just turn out to be queer-baiting us for the hell of it. Hopefully, the answer to this and far less pertinent questions such as who killed Jason Blossom will be answered when the season premiere of Riverdale airs on January 26, 2017.


Do you think Betty and Veronica should develop a sexual relationship on Riverdale?

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