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Riverdale, as many already know, is hardly a stranger to fan service. Last season, the CW’s execs and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa graced us with gratuitous shots of the cast in their classic Archiecomics wear, as supplement to an equally gratuitous throwback scene straight out of Jughead’s retro-colored nightmare. The scene, despite lasting only a few minutes, felt phenomenally nostalgic, and each accompanying shot that followed felt nothing short of eye-candy.

Suffice it to say, the knows how to please its fans, and this time around, it isn’t any different. As if preemptively showing their love a few weeks ahead of Season 2, the Comics Publication recently posted a backstage photo of Archie, Betty and Veronica (played by the delightful K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes, respectively) on Instagram as they recreated the famed milkshake shot from the comics — right down to the sultry smiles and the flavor of the milkshake.

Check out the moneymaker below:

And the original art, from almost six decades ago:

Some things never change. [Credit: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.]
Some things never change. [Credit: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.]

And the same art, updated much later:

And should never change. [Credit: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.]
And should never change. [Credit: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.]

Inevitable Return?

Riverdale’s first season teased the beginnings of the Betty, Archie and Veronica love triangle, but didn’t quite pull through. For better or for worse (I’d say better, but that’s just me), Betty ended up with the typically celibate Jughead, while Veronica predictably ended up with Archie. Although Archie spent the last few episodes subtly looking over his shoulder at Betty, the season still ended with Bughead going strong, leaving the fate of our favorite threeway love story currently unknown.

But is it, really? Riverdale continues to sell us shots of the famous trio in gratuitous portions, almost as if Bughead never happened. Archie clearly isn’t all there for either, despite having turned down Betty in earlier episodes. Obviously in some form, the tension remains.

Does this imply that the Betty and Veronica catfight is still in the stars for our beautiful frenemies? Maybe there’s a chance could still happen? Is Jughead destined to remain single for all time, both in the comics and beyond? How does Cheryl add into all this? Is Betty seriously still going to consider running back to Archie, even after admitting she loves , and after everything they had gone through? Guess we’ll just have to hang tight and see. (Preferably with more milkshakes close.)

Riverdale’s second season will debut on The CW on October 11. Will you be watching?


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