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There has been a large divide over the changes that The CW series Riverdale made to the source material, with many fans hoping for a more faithful adaptation of the Archie comics. However, the series premiere has put those naysayers to bed with a darker, refreshing take on Archie, unlike anything we've seen before.

This modern treatment allows the stories of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the other folks of Riverdale to be brought into the present day, appealing to audiences familar with the likes of The Vampire Diaries and even Stranger Things. Starring KJ Apa as Archie, Riverdale hits all the right notes.

It may not be what we expected when we first heard that a series was being developed based on Archie and his friends but that's not necessarily a bad thing. For people familiar with the comic books, the plot of Riverdale is original yet maintains the colorful world created in the comics. Despite your reservations, here's why you definitely need to check this one out.

Adapted For A Modern Audience

"Riverdale" has allowed Archie to transition from page to screen. [Credit: The CW]
"Riverdale" has allowed Archie to transition from page to screen. [Credit: The CW]

Everybody knows the characters from Archie comics — we all grew up reading about their adventures and their friendships. Like all comic book adaptations, we were all a little apprehensive when we heard about the Riverdale series. Having said that, upgrades needed to be made — it's important to question how well the Archie stories would translate to modern day television.

It's the same worry that all comic book fans face — take Batman for example. Some people are still on the fence about the TV series Gotham because it deviates so much from the source material. However, it's because of this unpredictability that we want to tune into Gotham each week because we have no idea what'll happen next. Moreover, there have been many adaptations of Batman over the years from Adam West's campy take on the character back in the '60s to Ben Affleck's darker, broody and all around more aggressive version we've seen in the current wave of DCEU movies.

The source material has been adapted to suit the current generation and has changed as the years moved on — the same thing applies Archie and his friends, in order to allow the material to translate to 21st Century television, little alterations had to be made. Riverdale has successfully adapted the material, keeping the charm of the original comic books yet making the concept more appealing to a modern generation.

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Riverdale Has Made Archie Sexier And Edgier

KJ Apa is abs-olutely terrific as Archie. [Credit: The CW]
KJ Apa is abs-olutely terrific as Archie. [Credit: The CW]

The Archie comics were a great read and we all have fond memories of the storylines but there is no denying that they lacked sex appeal — something that is a key component of almost every TV series around, specifically those seen on The CW. Shows transmitted on The CW are notorious for their attractive cast — from The Vampire Diaries to The Flash it's hard to think of any actor that isn't easy to the eye. Riverdale is no different.

Taking inspiration from all of these shows that have come before, the comic based series is definitely aimed at more mature audiences than the original comic books ever were, sexing up the characters. The storyline that sees Archie romantically involved with his teacher Miss Grundy is a prime example of this.

"Riverdale" is edgier than the classic Archie comics ever were. [Credit: The CW]
"Riverdale" is edgier than the classic Archie comics ever were. [Credit: The CW]

While the storyline of Riverdale is no doubt compelling, it was definitely Archie's abs that stole our attention in the pilot episode. Appearing shirtless on more than one occasion, the lead character definitely made us feel a little hot under the collar. The Archie character is remembered for his freckles and nerdy look but Riverdale has made the character more physically appealing to viewers of the show. Archie may be forever associated with the freckled kid from the comics, but KJ Apa's sexier version of the character has definitely won us over.

The Mystery Will Keep Viewers Guessing Until The Very End

Not all is swell for the folks of Riverdale. [Credit: The CW]
Not all is swell for the folks of Riverdale. [Credit: The CW]

Riverdale is more than just an adaptation of a legendary comic series — it's a really great 'whodunit' style drama series too. The murder of Jason Blossom happened rather early in the pilot upside, leaving viewers to preside over the matter and figure out just exactly who the killer is.

Riverdale Season 1: Who Killed Jason Blossom On Archie's Hit TV Show?

What's interesting is that Riverdale has already given the viewers a series of suspects — some of whom were present when Jason was killed and others who made their dislike of the Blossom family known. It's been a while since television has had a show full of mystery so it's going to be fun to pick the suspects apart and eliminate them over the course of the series. At the moment I haven't got a clue which character is responsible but I'm sure we're going to be in for a shock.

Riverdale was certainly a pleasant surprise and its originality is enough to make me want to find out what happens next. With a great concept, a remarkable cast and enough sex appeal to attract almost anyone, Riverdale is definitely a hit. If you haven't had the pleasure be sure to check this one out. I certainly enjoyed my first visit to Riverdale and I'll definitely be checking back in next Thursday night.

Riverdale airs Thursdays on The CW. Outside of the US, the series is available weekly on Netflix. Will be going back to Riverdale this Thursday? Tell me in the comment section below.


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