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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 1 of Riverdale.

The colorful characters of Archie comics burst onto screens in The CW's Riverdale last week and the freshman series has already set up an intriguing murder mystery, an inappropriate relationship and a love triangle that has everybody talking. The pilot episode introduced viewers to Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Jughead Jones and a host of other comic book characters.

The second episode continued the mystery, intrigue and heart stopping shirtless scenes as the investigation into Jason Blossom's murder got underway. In the midst of all the mystery Archie deals with his love for Miss Grundy, Betty deals with her love for Archie and an interesting twist at the end left viewers flabbergasted as Cheryl admitted her guilt. But is all really as it seems in Riverdale? Let's take a look.

Is Cheryl Really Guilty Of Murdering Jason Blossom?

Is Cheryl guilty? [Credit: The CW]
Is Cheryl guilty? [Credit: The CW]

While Cheryl Blossom has been mourning the loss of her brother Jason it appears that she's still playing the role of the bitchy cheer captain. However, things took a turn for the worse in the second episode when Cheryl was arrested, later claiming that she was "guilty". I can't help but think that she's confessing to something other than Jason's murder — especially because earlier in the episode when Veronica comforted her Cheryl told her that Jason was meant to come back.

Perhaps his initial disappearance was all part of some plan that the two had hatched together, but the fact of the matter is that Jason turned up with a bullet hole in his head — something that seemed to really shock Cheryl. She definitely knows more than she is letting on and I have a feeling that the real killer is still out there. But who is it?

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We Need To Talk About Archie And Miss Grundy

Does Miss Grundy really have feelings for Archie? [Credit: The CW]
Does Miss Grundy really have feelings for Archie? [Credit: The CW]

If it weren't for the whole student/teacher thing, Archie and Miss Grundy could be a rather ship-worthy relationship. But the fact is, she is a teacher and he is her student thus their relationship is highly inappropriate. Unfortunately, Archie cannot see that and he struggles to let go of his feelings for his teacher.

Moreover, Archie can't let go of the fact that they both heard the gunshot that killed Jason Blossom and is adamant that they should report it to the police. In fact, he's so adamant that he leaves his house in the middle of the night, shirtless and sweaty, and races over to his teacher's place to confront her on the matter. It was hard to pay attention after that abs-olutely unpredictable scene but we definitely weren't complaining. Miss Grundy, on the other hand, had no problem setting Archie straight — according to her, they cannot go to the police.

Archie struggles with his feelings for Miss Grundy. [Credit: The CW]
Archie struggles with his feelings for Miss Grundy. [Credit: The CW]

I was rather perturbed by the fact that Miss Grundy wanted to continue her relationship with Archie despite showing no romantic interest in him in the first episode. I wonder if she is simply playing on the young boy's emotions to ensure that he keeps tightlipped over the whole situation. No matter what way you look at it, their relationship is breaking the law and if the police get any hint of that then Grundy will lose her job for sure. I hope this isn't the case because, her actions aside, I do like Grundy and she still serves a purpose to the show — to benefit Archie's music career.

Will Betty And Veronica Stay Friends?

Betty and Veronica are totally the best. [Credit: The CW]
Betty and Veronica are totally the best. [Credit: The CW]

Veronica may be new to Riverdale High but she's already made an impression among the other kids at school. Although you wouldn't think it, Veronica allegedly used to be like Cheryl — bitchy and cold — but now she wants to be different. Her new beginning starts at Riverdale High and her friendship with Betty, odd as it may seem, is the first stepping stone. On the outside, Bety and Veronicas shouldn't work as friends, but the pair are realizing that they're more alike than one might think. I would argue that they're actually the best friendship on the show.

The second episode saw the two girls fall out over Archie — Veronica kissed the red headed boy next door in the previous episode — but they ultimately realized that they have something special and that no boy is worth ruining their friendship over. I can't help but wonder if the pair will stay friends — personally, I would love them to, they're a great partnership and Betty is definitely in need of a friend now with all of the pressure her mother puts on her. But I have a feeling that Veronica's feelings for Archie may rear their head again and if that's the case then Betty may need to find herself a new best friend. Let's hope I'm wrong.

With Cheryl in police custody for murdering Jason, the first season of Riverdale is well underway. Whether or not she really is the killer has yet to be revealed but as more and more people enter the suspect circle, its becoming clear that nothing is what it seems. Things are definitely heating up in more ways than one — especially where Archie is concerned — and who knows what lies ahead for our favorite characters? I guess we'll just have to tune in on Thursday night to find out.

Riverdale airs Thursdays on The CW. Outside of the US, the series is available weekly on Netflix. Do you think Archie and Miss Grundy will get caught? Tell me in the comment section below.


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