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Note: heavy spoilers follow for the season finale of Riverdale.

After last week's penultimate episode finally revealed Jason Blossom's murderer, it is hard to believe that there are still questions left unanswered in Riverdale's breakout first season. Then again, this is The CW, which never has a lack of mysteries and murders.

There was a moment of hope towards the end of the episode with the foursome of Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead happily drinking milkshakes and acting like the carefree teenagers they should be. Unfortunately, this is Riverdale and everything can change in an instant — or in this case, a gunshot. Here are some of the questions that will linger until Riverdale returns to next fall:

1. Who Shot Fred Andrews, And Will He Survive?

The episode ended on a major cliffhanger with Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) seemingly taking a bullet to protect his son Archie (KJ Apa) while Pop's was being robbed. Things certainly do not look good for Fred as he is bleeding out on the floor, and a recent interview with the cast with Bustle hinted that Archie will be going down a very dark path in Season 2. All signs point to losing his father. Jughead's narration also made an interesting comment about the shooting not being random at all, so expect this to be the focal point next season.

2. Who Planted The Evidence In FP's Trailer?

FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) is still in jail because he won't rat out his fellow South Side Serpents but the show has yet to reveal who planted the gun in his trailer resulting in his arrest to begin with. There is obvious tension throughout Riverdale between the town's authority members and the Serpents with the allegations of the gang funneling Clifford Blossom's secret drug trade. One person to keep an eye on is Sheriff Keller who could have had someone plant the evidence as a way to get FP in jail to spill on the Serpents.

3. Will Jughead Stay In the South Side?

Jughead (Cole Sprouse) feels like everything humanly possible is pushing him out of Riverdale, and he is taking the possible move to the South Side pretty well. South Side High looked like it was full of Serpents in training, but to his friends' dismay, he definitely fit in. The Serpents even arrived at his doorstep, claiming that they have his back, even giving him his own gang jacket, which he put on without hesitation.

FP is worried that Jughead will distance himself because he has a darkness in him, but is his involvement with the Serpents what his friends should actually be concerned about? At least we finally got a glimpse of Hot Dog, who becomes Jughead's pet in the comics!

4. Will We Get More Answers Regarding Betty's Dark Side?

Betty (Lili Reinhart) is always on the search for the truth no matter what the cost. Her sleuthing and investigative journalism found herself in the middle of a town civil war, but her escapade took a turn when her locker was vandalized with pig's blood. Betty's speech at the Jubilee event appropriately called out what is happening to the town: they are at a crossroads, much like her own life. Her family is finally back together but there are still so many secrets — and we know by her bloodied hands that her anger or mind can still be unhinged.

5. Will We Meet Betty and Polly's Brother?

Another shocker from the season finale came from Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick) coming clean to Betty about having a baby when she was young but giving it up for adoption. The adoption caused a rift with Betty's dad, which they still never got over considering Polly's ordeal. The brother would be in his twenties, so expect him to make an appearance in the future.

6. How Will Hiram Lodge's Presence Affect Veronica?

There is already a ton of tension among the Lodge ladies — but how will adding Hiram to the mix change the dynamic? There is no question that Veronica (Camila Mendes) is not on board with her father's illegal activities and her mother's support of his "business doings" will not help the matter. Fred's survival will also be a factor for Hermione (Marisol Nichols) and Hiram as they are partners in the current construction job. Please do not tell me Hiram had something to do with Fred's shooting!

7. Will We Come Back To The Archie, Veronica, Betty Love Triangle?

For a pair of couples who claim they are happy with one another, there are a whole lot of reassuring conversations about their true feelings. This comic-inspired love triangle seems far from over, especially with those longing looks from Archie in Betty's direction.

8. What Is Next For Cheryl After Her Attempted Suicide?

Her brother gets murdered, her father kills herself, her mother wants nothing to do with her, so Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) unsurprisingly feels like her only option is suicide. After that idea was thwarted, she moves to plan B: burning down the Blossom house, forcing what is left of her family to have a fresh start.

9. Will We See Sabrina The Teenage Witch In Season 2?

The one question that everyone has been wondering since before the series premiered is, will we see Spellman? The answer is no — well, not yet, at least. The cast and writers have been hinting that she will be featured in the series at some point, and many fans were hoping the Teenage Witch made famous by the Archie comics will have made her appearance by the end of the first season.

The good news is that there are definitely hints, including Betty's headline referring to Riverdale Witch Trials and what looked to be a Sabrina The Teenage Witch comic while in his cell.

Which version of the half-witch would we see? Let's hope we do not have to wait much longer for Greendale's most notable resident.

There you have it, the first season of Riverdale is in the books and like most teenage-based dramas, we are left with more questions than answers. Start your speculating and theorizing because it will be a long summer!

What questions do you have for next season of Riverdale? Tell us in the comments below!


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