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Riverdale's Season 1 finale left viewers with a ton of questions, including the major cliffhanger involving the shooting of Archie's dad, Fred Andrews. Whether or not he survives, the series' second season is said to take a much darker tone ... and a more supernatural one?

Since its debut, Riverdale's inclusion of supernatural elements has been a major topic for fans, and it looks as though the show's creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is fueling the fire by teasing an ominous new character: the Sugar Man. Aguirre-Sacasa took to Twitter to post a creepy child's drawing, featuring Cheryl and Jason Blossom beside a terrifying figure who is holding a bag of sugar:

To add to the creep factor, Aguirre-Sacasa added a haunting message, warning Riverdale residents to "lock your doors" because "the Sugar Man is coming." Now the question is, who is the Sugar Man and what does he have to do with Season 2?

The fact that Cheryl and Jason seem to be depicted as kids in the drawing could lead one to think that the Sugar Man might be an urban legend passed down through their family. The Blossoms are a very strange bunch, and before their family fell apart from Jason's death and the revelation surrounding Cliff's drug trade, the family would pride themselves on tradition. Is the legend of the Sugar Man just a traditional story told through the maple syrup-loving family?

Cliff Blossom's secretive life as a drug lord may also have something to do with the Sugar Man. "Sugar" could just be used to describe the drugs that Cliff was trafficking through his maple syrup company. He met his fate last season, but it is possible there will be a new sinister drug kingpin taking over Riverdale and threatening the community.

The most interesting option would for the show to explore a supernatural monster. Taking a play from the Stranger Things handbook and creating a terrifying villain would certainly change the tenor of the show, but it could potentially pay off. Archie Comics fans are already patiently waiting for the introduction of Sabrina Spellman, who has been teased prior to the series airing last fall. A element is not out of the realm of possibility if they are already hinting at adding a teenage witch to their cast.

Riverdale season two premieres October 11th, 2017 on the CW!

What are your theories on the Sugar Man? Tell us in the comments below!

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