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Without a doubt, Riverdale proved to be one of last season's most successful newcomers. The hit series, which is based on the Archie Comics, kept us all on the edge of our seats during Season 1 as we tried to figure out who killed Jason Blossom. And despite our best attempts, the answer still took us by surprise.

So if you're excited for new episodes in October, then check out The CW's brand new trailer, which gives us a little more insight into Season 2. And based on the opening statement, things aren't looking good for one beloved character. Check it out below:

The Season 1 finale left us in a state of shock as Archie Andrews's dad, Fred, was shot in Pop's Diner by an unknown assailant. And as the credits rolled, we were left unsure if he would actually survive. However, Fred's absence in this trailer — and the mention of "tragic news" — suggests that he may not make it to Season 2.

Season 2's Mystery Revealed

Whether Fred survives the gunshot wound or not remains to be seen. But the trailer didn't need to reveal this information in order to highlight Season 2's new storyline. As we have no idea who shot Fred Andrews, it's highly likely that the second season will revolve around this brand new mystery. With Archie so desperate for answers that he's willing to use a gun, we have to wonder how the character is coping with the fear of the unknown.

The first season thrived on the investigation into Jason Blossom's death, and with that officially wrapped up, it seems like the show is returning to its strengths with another whodunnit mystery. As Jughead and Betty became quite intuitive reporters/detectives last season, you can bet that they will be by Archie's side, helping him uncover the truth about who shot his father.

Riverdale hit the headlines recently for cleaning up at the Teen Choice Awards, with a total of seven wins. So, you can rest assured that fans are eager for its return. And this brand new trailer certainly hasn't made the wait any easier as we're now even more excited for Season 2.

Riverdale returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 11.

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