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Jordan Leech

There are now rumours aplenty about upcoming Christmas plans of everyone's favourite red-carpet couple: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, or as I often call them: RobKrist. Stewart's latest film Camp X-Ray has just been selected for Sundance and reportedly used it as an excuse to get her on the phone and invite her to London for Christmas.

If the rumours are in fact true, this is really turning out to be the best Christmas yet. Mr. Claus has undoubtedly received an enormous surge of mail as people the world over try desperately to alter their wishlists to include the reconciliation of RobKrist.

They BELONG together!!!

has reportedly also hoped for some travel time with Mr Pattinson after the holidays through Europe, with a stop in Paris. I can't imagine a better backdrop for the star-crossed lovers to rekindle their romance.

(Source: co)

Will you change what you wish for for Christmas? Will RobKrist finally reunite and take over Hollywood?


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