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I know it, and you know it, and, it looks like finally knows it now, too: Her relationship with is really for real over. While K-Stew is depressed and turning to friends for consolation, R-Patz' career has never been hotter, what with a potential romance heating up with the bubbly , lots of projects in the works, and a steamy new Dior ad that finds Rob locking lips with a hot, mystery blonde. To make things even sweeter for Rob, rumor has it he's getting paid a whopping $12 million for the ad campaign.

The advertisement was revealed at an exclusive Hollywood party, with journalists invited to view the spot, which was filmed last December at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The party itself was quite a lavish affair, set to match the tone of the ad itself, which is described as "a love story" between Rob and the his leading lady, whom sources are speculating is French model Camille Rowe:

It was a ceremony with a lot of guests dressed very fancy. There was a 6-piece formal band with violins.

They ran through the crowd and stopped on the dance floor. Rob danced with an older lady and the girl would dance with the kids.

During the scene, they were holding hands and danced a little before splitting up so Rob could dance with the older lady. The scene was that others were not amused by this—like those two were crashing a ceremony.

Here's the first image of Rob in the Dior Homme campaign, and another (pretty grainy) one of him locking lips with his new lady:

Breakups of long-term relationships are always hard, but ever since splitting wit the perpetually-scowling Kristen, Rob seems to be happy and unfettered in a way that he never could be with his previous ball-and-chain. Good for him, I say. Good for him.


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