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Sophie Atkinson

Break out the champagne! Weep for days! Develop a terrifying brain wasting disease triggered by the onset of extreme boredom at the latest Robsten gossip!

Whether or not you wanted your favorite vampire couple to get back together (or, indeed, care either way), we've got big news.

Robert Pattinson has been snapped pulling up to Kristen Stewart's house in her Los Feliz neighbourhood by paparazzi agency X17. The actor was pictured driving a white Durango to Kristen's house last week, and X17 pointed out that Kristen's car was also in the drive, suggesting to fans of the ex-couple that the troubled pair were considering getting back together.

According to a photographer on the scene, 'Rob looked nervous on his way to visit Kristen. He was trying to be discreet so no one would see him.' The same source noted that Rob left the house two hours later. E! News, however, had their own source who claimed that despite Kristen's truck being parked outside, she was not in the house. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but what would Rob do for two hours in Kristen's house? Since he wasn't pictured leaving with any boxes/clothes, and since he already moved all his stuff out in May, I think E! have got their facts wrong.

But what do you think? Sound off below!

Sources: X17, E! Online.


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